5 Tips to Help You Get The Most When You Sell Your Home

5 Tips to Help You Get The Most When You Sell Your Home

No matter the reason as to why you are selling your home, you want to get the most possible value for it. Whether you’re moving to another part of the country, downsizing, or moving into your forever home, your current residence has value. Don’t just settle for getting something for it when you can maximize how much someone pays you for it.

Mortgage preapproval allows you to know just how much of a home you can afford, so you don’t bite off more than you can eat. With that said, you are going to need to find an experienced real estate agent that can help and escort you through the process. A real estate agent at your side is usually going to be a necessity.

Research the Market

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I sell my house” then you need to know what buyers are looking for in your residential market. If your home is lacking in certain areas, then you need to address these issues. Give them what they are looking for.

Figure out the extensive area you would like to live in. Do you have kids? How far do you need to commute? Is the neighborhood you’re looking at affordable? It’s essential to ask yourself these questions, so you can decide the best living conditions for you and your family. More elasticity means more possible homes.

Renovate and Upgrade

Modern home shoppers expect renovations and upgrades to any home on the market. If you do none at all, you might have a hard time selling your home. Do something, even if it’s not that much.

Finally, once you get to move into your new residence, you are no longer a customer. Now, you’re an owner. Congratulations to you if you have found a home that’s perfect for you as it is, but it’s more than likely you’ll possess a wish list to start organizing home improvements that need to be done.

Install New Appliances

Once someone buys a home, they’ve just made the largest financial transaction of their life. Another huge price tag is the last thing they want to face for a while. New appliances would be just that. If your house already has new appliances that come with the home, then you don’t have to worry about replacing them or having a home with older units.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home means pulling out your old things and having an interior decorator put in their own selections of artwork and furniture. These professionals know how to make a home look warm and inviting, as they can see it through the eyes of potential buyers. As such, they can help them see themselves living there. That leap of imagination leads to offers.

Should you buy a home from someone else without having an inspection done? Probably not. If you decide to go for a sold foreclosure, you might not be able to complete the full process. Most of the time, you should have an inspector look over the property, and you should never pass this up. They can give you specific information, that you may not have been able to discover yourself.

List Under Market Value

This one might sound crazy, but it’s actually a common tactic. It also works a lot of the time. Listing your home for slightly less than its expected market value will generate attention. In fact, you should wind up with multiple offers. The result is a bidding war, and that always drives the eventual price up.

Key Takeaways

When the time comes to sell your home, do these five things to get a better sale value:

  1. Do Your Homework
  2. Renovate
  3. Buy New Appliances
  4. Stage the Home
  5. Underprice It

Getting as much as you can when you sell your home helps you buy your next one and maybe even make some money on top of it.

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