5 Important Plumbing Appliances You Should Have In Your Bathroom

5 Important Plumbing Appliances You Should Have In Your Bathroom

A bathroom is not a functional room unless it has the right appliances. There are several items that you can buy for your home. But some you must seek professional help to install and repair, such as faucets and toilets. Some of these appliances are not essential but will make life easier in your bathroom. Here is our list of five critical plumbing appliances that your bathroom needs.


These come in various types and styles. The main ones include rainfall showers with many jets and handheld shower attachments. Handheld showerheads allow you greater flexibility when washing or cleaning up messes. It is recommended that plumbers use low flow models. They are more efficient compared to traditional high-pressure models. They are also cost-effective since they use less energy.

Heated Towel Rails

These appliances are designed to warm up towels. It is an excellent way of reducing utility bills and conserving energy. It helps in keeping your bathroom fresh. These units work wonders during harsh winters when cold air seeps in through the window glass or cracks around doors. They heat wet towels, which also drys them up.

Water Heaters

If you have a large family or are particularly fond of showering, then it is recommended that you look into purchasing water heaters. These appliances come in various sizes and styles. Some smaller models can be installed on the wall. Larger units will require professional aid to ensure they are secured, so they don’t fall over. There is also an energy-efficient model recently released onto the market.

Shower Curtain and Rods

These are not plumbing appliances per se but still, work with plumbers. They help enhance your bathroom experience by preventing water from splashing all over the floor. Most shower curtain rods are adjustable so that you can change the height. If you’re looking for a cheap and effective alternative, consider purchasing curtains with suction cups to hang them up.

An Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes do all the work for you and can be very effective at cleaning your teeth. These are great for those who do not have time to spend the extra five minutes brushing their teeth before bed. It is effective for people who want to ensure no stains on their pearly whites. You may be surprised at how much of a difference an electric toothbrush will make, rather than a manual toothbrush.

In conclusion, you don’t want your bathroom to feel like a plumbing disaster area. Many bathroom plumbing appliances enhance your bathroom. It’s important to understand that professionals like J & S Plumbing Inc can install all these appliances. If you’re looking for an affordable alternative, consider doing it yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should neglect professional help when needed. Certain parts need technical expertise services. If you doubt anything, always consult with plumbers to ensure safety.

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