How To Get Off A Telemarketer's Call List

How To Get Off A Telemarketer’s Call List

If there is one thing you and millions of others like you hate, it’s getting those annoying telemarketing calls. Unfortunately, they seem to be coming at a pace faster than ever and are often relentless in attempting to speak with you. However, it’s important that you remember you do have options to get off the call list of a telemarketer. Now that you’re ready to send the telemarketer packing, here is how you can get off their call list.

National Do Not Call Registry

When you want off a call list, the simplest way to accomplish this is to register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry. While you can do so online at or by calling 888-382-1222, this may not mean the calls will instantly stop. Unfortunately, many telemarketers who are determined to not play by the rules may continue calling. Nevertheless, you should get registered as soon as possible.

File a Complaint

Should you continue to get calls from telemarketers after placing your number on the National Do Not Call Registry, your next step can be to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To do so, you can use the same website or phone number as you did to place your phone number on the national registry. If you need to do this, provide the telemarketer’s phone number, the day and time you received the call, and other pertinent information. Should the telemarketing calls cross the line into harassment and verbal abuse, you may also want to speak to an attorney from a telemarketing abuse firm such as the Heidarpour Law Firm.

Ask Them Not to Call You

Believe it or not, you may be able to get off a telemarketer’s call list by simply asking them not to call you anymore. However, unless you are speaking to someone who is particularly considerate of your feelings, chances are this may not work as well as you hope.

Hang Up

As a last measure to get off a telemarketer’s call list, you can simply hang up each and every time when they call your phone. While this method may take some time to get the message across to those on the other end of the phone line, chances are they will eventually get tired of wasting their time and taking your name off their call list.

Whether you get off a call list by registering your number with the national registry, asking politely not to be bothered anymore, or filing a complaint with the FCC and possibly a lawsuit with your attorney, you can at some point look forward to a time where no telemarketing calls will interrupt your day.

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