Pests You Should Spray For at The Beginning Of Winter

Pests You Should Spray For at The Beginning Of Winter

During colder months, a good majority of insects become less prevalent. That is, however, not always the case, and there are a few specific types of pests that you will start to notice even more frequently than before. Sometimes, the infestations may even be present but difficult to spot. With that, it is vital to have your home inspected for pests and to work on preparing for when the weather warms up.

What Pests Should You Be Looking Out For?

Rodents and spiders tend to be the most commonly found winter pests. For rodents specifically, care should be taken to monitor any signs of activity in attics, crawl spaces, and basements—as these are the areas where they are most likely to be found. Spiders reside in similar environments, where their webs should be removed and infested areas treated to prevent re-infestation.

What Measures Should You Take to Prevent Pest Outbreaks?

One of the most crucial measures taken during wintertime is the treatment and cleaning of attic spaces. A wide variety of pests, including carpenter ants, boxelder bugs, and cluster flies, tend to take refuge in attics while waiting for the seasons to change. They can bring with them a significant amount of frustration for the homeowner and should be treated extensively at your earliest convenience. Taking a few moments to dust attic areas will help keep annoying pests out of your living space, avoiding a great deal of trouble as springtime approaches.

Another of the most popular reasons for a pest infestation is food, which is often an excuse for insects and rodents to enter your home, and they won’t want to leave. Whether it’s an open box of cereal or bread crumbs on the floor, pests are constantly searching for available food sources. Be sure that you clean up after meals, store your food items in airtight containers on shelves or in cabinets, and take your trash out regularly.

What Should You Do for an Existing Pest Infestation?

Winter is not the time to be laying off on pest control—it is important to prepare appropriately for new threats to your home and exterminate any existing ones. Investing in professional pest control from a company like Skeeter Beater is your best bet for identifying entry points and spraying pesticides to erect a protective barrier around your home.

Pests can enter your home during any time of the year. Don’t neglect pest control during winter and remember what to look for to spot a problem early on. 

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