6 Hard-to-Find Items Necessary For Forklift Repairs

6 Hard-to-Find Items Necessary For Forklift Repairs

Whether it’s in a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or construction site, forklifts are essential pieces of equipment that need to be properly maintained 24/7. While many forklift repairs are somewhat easy, others are more complex and require items that may be difficult to find. Rather than find yourself being stuck with a forklift you can’t repair, here are six hard-to-find items that are necessary for forklift repairs.

Printed Circuit Boards

Even before the current shortage of computer chips, finding the right printed circuit boards to make forklift repairs could be difficult. Often containing electronic speed controllers, printed circuit boards are now seen as being essentially the brains of most modern forklifts. If you can’t find these, your forklift is going nowhere fast.

Timing Gears

Since timing gears are responsible in part for helping to synchronize the crankshaft’s rotation, these parts are always in high demand by forklift mechanics. However, just like industrial washers that are used in engines and other parts of the forklift, timing gears need to be matched exactly to a timing belt or chain, or else the forklift’s engine can be damaged.

Forklift Starters

For the engine on a forklift to get going, it all begins with a starter. However, as forklifts have become more dependent on computer technology, starters now need to be made in many different types and styles. As a result, some starters can only be used on certain makes and models of forklifts, creating a situation where finding the starter you need may be tough. From Direct Drive and Offset Gear Reduction to a GM Starter and CAV, your forklift won’t move an inch until the proper starter is installed.

LPG Parts

While many forklifts in use today are diesel-powered, more companies are now opting to use gas-powered machines. As a result, these forklifts that are known as LPG forklifts need specialized parts for their combustion systems, since they are very different from diesel engines. Due to an LPG system having various parts such as solenoid valves, electronic pressure regulators, and more, it has become tougher to get these parts as gas-powered forklifts have come into higher demand.

Hydraulic Filters

Though hydraulic filters have been in use for decades on forklifts, the sophistication of today’s machines now dictates these filters to be state-of-the-art. Thus, you’ll need to use spin-on hydraulic filters or high-pressure inline filters for many of today’s newer models.

Industrial Washers

Interestingly enough, parts as simple as industrial washers can be difficult to come by due to the specific width and thread sizes needed. For washers, sometimes you can find them at a local hardware store but for the most part, you’ll likely need to order them online. When ordering your industrial washers, ensure that pay attention to the dimensions and metal type.

Since all of these parts are so vital to keeping your forklifts running smoothly, plan ahead and work with parts manufacturers who can get you the parts you need quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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