How Light Therapy Can Improve Your Life

How Light Therapy Can Improve Your Life

If you’re not feeling as healthy as you think you should, then you might be confused about what’s going on. If you only eat and drink healthy things, your body should be getting everything it needs, right? Well maybe not.

The human body is not a plant, but it can actually be photo-sensitive. That means it can react to light being shown upon it, and the same applies for animals as well. In some cases, it’s actually necessary to ensure good health. Dedicated light therapy can likely change your life for the better. With that said, let’s go over how it can improve your life. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Also known as SAD, this is a kind of depression that happens at particular points during the year. You also may have heard this be called seasonal depression. Winter and fall are common times for this to happen. The Visum Light treatment has you sit near a light therapy box to ease symptoms of seasonal depression. Light therapy is assumed to impact brain chemicals that help your sleep and mood. It can fill the void left by the sun when days are short and nights are long, dark, and cold for months on end.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

If you or someone in your family has a hard time focusing on the things they need to, is unable to sit still for long periods of time, and has trouble engaging the world around them, then they might have an attention disorder. Light therapy probably won’t cure the condition by itself, but in the right circumstances, it can help people cope with their conditions.


Dementia is a mental sickness that covers many different conditions, but they all typically involve degeneration of mental capacity and memory recall. There’s usually no cure, but certain treatments can prevent its hold or even slow down how quickly the sickness is growing.


This is a very troubling condition that carries many health risks with it. Most immediately, you risk being safely functional the day after you lose sleep. However, over time, insomnia can raise the risks of morbidity and heart disease. Weight gain can happen incrementally with chronic insomnia. The causes of this condition are usually in the brain, whether its mental stress, anxiety, or just ineffective brain chemistry. Light therapy is often useful in dealing with both at the same time.


Talk to your doctor if you think you might be a candidate for light therapy. They can safely get you started in the right direction. When done properly, light therapy can help patients with a number of different conditions and afflictions.

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