How to Preserve As Much Of Your Home As Possible After A Fire

How to Preserve As Much Of Your Home As Possible After A Fire

Fires are some of the most destructive things your home can face, and not only could they damage your property, but they could also cause harm to you and your family members. Fire aftermaths are normally emotional, messy, and could sometimes be dangerous.

The first thing you need to do is contact 911 and ensure that your family is safe. After that, you might want to try and save some things from the wrecked house. However, that could be difficult, especially because of the trauma, and you might have trouble getting rid of some things. However, following these tips, you can preserve a lot from your burnt home.

Ensure That the House Is Safe

After the fire department comes and puts out the fire, you need to ensure they declare the house safe for you to walk into before you get in. That is because you could get into the house, but there could still be a potential of another fire or falling objects like the ceiling. Before the fire department leaves, ask them for a fire report copy.

Secure the Home

After the fire department has declared your home safe to walk into, you need to secure the area. A burnt-down house is a big attraction for theft and other crimes, and you need to protect whatever salvageable things are in the house.

Call Your Insurance Company

Many insurance companies cover house fires, and they will compensate you for the damages. The faster you inform them, the higher your chances of getting the claim, and the sooner you can get help to salvage your property.

Look to See What You Can Save

Before getting into your house, have protective clothes to avoid injuries from the debris. After getting into your home, you need to identify what you can save and those you cannot.

You can also have another pile of things that you can restore through smoke cleanup. Some of the things you should look for first are your documents like certificates, passport, driver’s license, bank statements, and medical history documents.

You should also look for all undamaged valuable things like jewelry. If there are things that you can take immediately, pack them up and take them to a safe place. Some other things you need to look out for are damaged items and ensure you leave all of them behind. Some of those things include medicines and cosmetics plus burned clothes.

Call a Restoration Company

While you may find some things yourself, some would be buried under the debris, and only professionals can get to them. The restoration company will also help with smoke cleanup of your house and any property they savage.

After a fire in your house, ensure that you and your family have a safe place to stay. You should also determine that the restoration company you call is legit and has the skill, knowledge, and experience for the job.

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