Give It A Shot: 4 Firearm Accessories That Can Help Improve Your Aim

Give It A Shot: 4 Firearm Accessories That Can Help Improve Your Aim

If you carry for self-defense, you need to ensure that your aim is accurate. If it is not, you risk injuring innocent people. Of course, range time is the best way to improve your aim, but you can also buy accessories to help improve your aim. Improving your aim can save lives, including your own. Here are four firearm accessories that can help improve your aim.

Laser Sights

You have probably seen the dreaded red dot aim a bullet onto someone in movies. Laser sights are effective both during the day and at night. With a laser sight, you do not need to raise your gun to eye level in order to sight down the barrel. That can be a definite advantage in a self-defense situation.

Laser sights are available for most guns, even short barrel concealed carry weapons. However, you may need to get a holster that can accommodate your new laser.

Muzzle Brakes

This accessory dampens recoil as well as muzzle rise, allowing you to more quickly and accurately place your second shot. A muzzle brake is especially useful on a longer barrel firearm that shoots heavier rounds. What a brake does is control and redirect the burst of gases from the muzzle upon firing. It can control recoil by 10-50 percent. You can find muzzle brakes at your local gun store or online at sites like Solvent Traps Direct.

If your gun does not have a ported barrel, it will need to be threaded to accommodate this accessory. If your firearm does not have a threaded barrel, a gunsmith can thread it for you. Also, a muzzle brake will lengthen your barrel, so you might need a new holster.

However, some handguns have a ported barrel that serves the same purpose as a brake. If your handgun has these vents, you do not need this accessory.

Hand Grips

You can add new grips to your gun without altering your magazine. New grips can give you better control over your gun, thus improving your aim. New hand grips are easy to install yourself. New, larger hand grips can also help with faster magazine changes.

Tactical Lights

At night, a weapon-mounted tactical light allows you to illuminate the target, as well as the surrounding area. It can also blind the assailant, temporarily throwing them off guard. Tactical lights have a sensitive on-off switch activated with the lightest touch of your finger.

While these firearm accessories can help to improve your aim, they are not a substitute for practice. If you can’t get to the range, you can practice sighting at home with an unloaded weapon.

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