Scooter or Motorcycle? 3 Factors to Consider Before Making Your Choice

Scooter vs a motorcycle is arguably one of the most discussed issues for those looking for alternate modes of transport. People are spoiled for choice, but each has its benefits. While a scooter is better for a beginner, the motorcycle is a more thrilling option. A motorcycle combines speed, aesthetics, and power. In contrast, a scooter is a better choice for commuters. It can maneuver through traffic, and is easier to learn than a motorcycle. Anyone can easily keep and maintain a scooter, while a bike will require much more attention. However, a motorcycle is a better choice if power, speed, and the rush is your thing. The following factors will help you identify your requirements and make the choice.

Purpose of the Bike or Scooter

If it’s for daily travel back and forth, then a scooter is the best way to move around in traffic. However, if you want a sporty, fast and rush, you are better off buying a bike. Scooters are suitable for shorter rides, while a bike can take you for hundreds of miles. The scooters lightweight frame make them ideal for quick acceleration and user friendly.

Convenience is also a key consideration; scooters are gearless and hence can be used by almost everyone in the family to run errands. On the other hand, motorcycles have gearing systems making them suitable for hardcore bikers.

Style and Aesthetic

It’s easy to differentiate a scooter from a bike by looking at it. The engine is located in the back, and it’s easier to get on it and ride. On the other hand, a bike has its engine in the front; it’s not easy to sit on it; you have to swing your leg and hop on it. While the scooters transmission is automatic, a motorcycle has a manual with a dual-clutch system. The bike is styled for speed and the ability to engage gears and accelerate the way you want.

Moreover, a bike has a muscular body frame and graphics which appeal to young and trendy guys. However, scooters are also getting modern facelifts with different colors and an aggressive carbon fiber body.

Storage and Safety

In terms of storage, Scooters have an advantage over motorcycles. They have storage beneath the seat, around the feet area and a front carrier. Even though you can add side carriers to a bike, most bikers don’t like it since it diminishes the aesthetic appeal.

Part of being safe is carrying insurance, most auto insurance companies will carry an option for motorcycle insurance. You’ll want to find specialty companies like Insure My Vespa for scooter-specific insurance.

Safety is a crucial concern when selecting a ride. Scooters have less speed than bikes which makes them ideal for city and traffic navigation. Additionally, your feet won’t be exposed in a scooter as they are behind the body. Women riders with long attires are also much safer in a scooter than on a bike.


It is worth noting that scooters and motorcycles offer a wide range of advantages over each other. It’s upon you to know and identify your needs before buying one. Additionally, scooter prices are lower than that of bikes; hence they are suitable for beginners. Also, the cost of maintenance is high for motorcycles. However, motorcycles offer better mileage in comparison to a scooter of the same engine capacity. It’s fast, powerful and exciting to ride while engaging gears manually.

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