What Is A Street Bob Motorcycle and How to Maintain It

What Is A Street Bob Motorcycle and How to Maintain It

It is obvious that many people do not understand what a street bob motorcycle is. But really, what is it? It is a classy bike that is designed in a stripped-down bobber style. The bike has become very popular in Irvin and Anaheim, California. The motorcycle falls in the line of the Harley-Davidson, which has become a popular brand in many parts of the world as well.

Despite the motorcycle’s popularity, many people still do not understand how the bike can be maintained properly to increase its life span. This article has collected rich information regarding the maintenance of the motorcycle.

Proper Cleaning

The cleaning technique you use has a significant impact on the health of the motorcycle. Ensure that the bike has already cooled down before you begin cleaning. Do not begin hosing it immediately after a ride. Use a wash mitt to clean it from the top-down direction. Make sure that you have cleaned all the tires and wheels thoroughly, then lightly rinse the bike with water.

When cleaning the tires, use a soft detailing pad, or a spoke brush. You can also use the bug remover in case you find insects hardened on the bike. After cleaning, use a soft towel or a dryer to dry all the surfaces of the bike.

Ensure Your Bike is Stored Safely

When the bike is not being used, place it on the sturdy stand in a safe place. Ensure that the place is dry and protected from the rays of the sun and unwanted water. You can consider storing it in a garage or in a motorbike cover that is durable and waterproof. To make it more secured, you can add a strong lock and chains. When you place the bike in a garage during winter, ensure that it is covered with a waterproof cover to prevent watermarks and paint damage.

Apply Proper Cleaning Products

Motorbikes collect different types of dirt and grime from the road while moving. When it is time to clean your bike, a typical home soap might not work properly. It is ideal to use for products that were properly designed for the cleaning of the bike. This is because the products meant for the cleaning of the bike was tested and works perfectly.

Proper maintenance of a motorcycle is an important thing when it comes to high-quality standards and the bike’s durability. You want to make sure that you are taking care of your bike for it to stay in mint condition, and keep its value over time.

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