How to Know What Add-Ons to Get For Your First Gun

How to Know What Add-Ons to Get For Your First Gun

Once you have purchased your first gun, you will be exercising your Second Amendment right to bear arms. While your gun will provide an added level of protection for you and your family, it is also important to know the various other accessories that will make owning a gun even better. Since it can be confusing to know which items are most important, use these tips to make sure you get the best add-ons when getting your first gun.


Needless to say, you need ammunition for your gun. But if you think all bullets are alike, you are in for quite a surprise. With various calibers, grains, and bullet types, knowing what to buy can be a challenge. By asking a reputable gun dealer questions, you should be able to select the best ammo for your gun.

Snap Caps

Once you have your gun, you may from time to time choose to pull the trigger when you know your gun has no bullets in its chambers. While you probably assume no damage can result from this, the fact is your gun can suffer damage to its internal parts when this is done. To prevent this, you can put snap caps inside your gun’s chambers. Essentially “dummy” bullets, these let you dry-fire your gun without worry.

Gun Cleaning Supplies

When you fire your gun, it is a much dirtier job than you ever imagined. Once you pull the trigger, carbon and lead residue is left behind. Therefore, you should always purchase a high-quality gun cleaning kit from sites like when buying your gun. When doing so, make sure your cleaning kit includes such items as gun oil, brushes, wipes, cleaning patches, and a brass jag and patch holder.

Gear Bags and Holsters

Finally, don’t forget to buy some gear bags and holsters. Whether you choose to have a concealed-carry permit and decide to carry your gun with you anywhere you go or instead use your gun mostly at a shooting range, gear bags and holsters will quickly become essential items for your gun ownership. But rather than simply get a cheap duffle bag, opt instead for firearm equipment bags, since they have built-in compartments for ammo and other supplies.

As you learn more about your first gun and become more comfortable using it, having the right add-ons will only make the experience more enjoyable. From snap caps to a holster and cleaning supplies, these and other items will make you even more proud to exercise your Second Amendment rights.

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