How to Handle Walkway Replacement In Front Of Your Business

How to Handle Walkway Replacement In Front Of Your Business

The appearance of your walkway in front of your business builds the first impression with your clients. A modern walkway may present you as a professional business person and attract more investors to your premises. Therefore, you must replace a damaged walkway in front of your business with an attractive walkway using the following guidelines.

Mark the Area You Want To Replace

You will need to determine the area of your walk that is damaged or even cracked. You can consider marking out this area to ensure that you do not damage the entire walkway. You will also have to identify weak points within the walkway which you can easily break.

Select the Best Concrete Company, Equipment, and Workforce

Having the best equipment and workforce goes a long way in ensuring that the new walkway is of superior quality and durable. Moreover, ensure that you get your building materials from a reliable concrete company. To begin replacing the walkway, ensure you have a good hammer, brick towel, wooden float, and spades. Moreover, you can have one person who will assist in ensuring you construct the new pavement quickly. 

Break the Concrete

Breaking the concrete is the first step in building the new walkway. You will have to damage the existing walkway using the hammer. At this point, your focus is to form weak spots on the existing walkway so that you pave the way to build a new walkway. Lastly, use the spade to remove the pieces of concrete from the damaged walkway.

Level the Floor

Once you have finished removing the old walkway’s entire layer, you may use a rake to level the new layer of ground. Ensure that the ground is well leveled and let it be about 10 inches deep, a strong foundation. At this point, you can pour gravel evenly on the ground, ensuring that it is well spread on all points of the walkway.

Add a Foundation of Bricks

At this point, you will fill any spaces that are left out between the gravel and the ground with screeded stone dust. You will also have to prepare the concrete according to your manufacturer’s instructions so that it does not run over. You can use your brick towel to ensure that your concrete fills the entire walkway. After adding a foundation of bricks, you can start placing bricks in the walkway in your desired pattern. Finally, you will fill any spaces between bricks with the concrete and level it up using a wooden float to ensure that the new walkway is smooth.

From the guidelines shared above, you can replace your walkway in just a matter of seconds, given you have the right materials and equipment. Changing the outlook of your walkway will go a long way in attracting new customers to your premises and retaining the existing customers.

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