How to Make Your Sprinkler System More Water Efficient This Summer

How to Make Your Sprinkler System More Water Efficient This Summer

While a lush, well-maintained lawn can do wonders in terms of improving a properties exterior appearance, keeping your lawn healthy and watered throughout the summer can be quite the challenge. A few minor tweaks, alterations and equipment upgrades can help to ensure that your sprinkler system will be equal to the task.

Choose the Best Time to Water

Hot summer days can be punishing on lawns and landscapes, especially in situations where grass, shrubs and trees are deprived of the moisture they need to thrive. While watering during the hottest part of the day may seem like an obvious way to manage the effects of summer temperatures, watering during the afternoon can often be counterproductive. Watering at night or during the cooler hours of early morning or late evening can help to minimize the water loss caused by evaporation.

Timers and Automated Sprinkler Systems

Many homeowners lack the free time and energy that may be required in order to properly care for their lawn. Automated irrigation can provide an ideal solution, one that could spare you from having to spend countless hours watering. Professional sprinkler system installation options make it easy to enjoy the superior convenience and greater efficiency that only automated systems are able to provide.

Maintenance, Repairs and Upkeep

Minor mechanical issues like a leaky pipe or faulty sprinkler head could be eroding the overall efficiency of your system. Keeping your sprinklers in good working condition and ensuring that your system is free of mechanical issues is essential for ensuring that it is able to operate at peak efficiency. Even slow leaks and minor equipment issues can become a real issue, especially for home and property owners who choose to ignore the problem.

Rearrange Sprinklers to Optimize Coverage

Having one or more sprinklers that are in the wrong place means that some areas of your lawn will be receiving too much water while others are not getting enough. Sprinkler heads that are poorly positioned could be wasting more water than you might realize. Rearranging sprinkler placement can go a long way towards improving coverage and boosting the overall efficiency of the system.

More efficient watering and irrigation can allow you to keep your lawn looking great without having to worry about your next utility bill. A few system tweaks, basic repairs or equipment upgrades could end up making more of a difference than you might expect.

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