How Small Businesses Can Minimize Plumbing Issues

How Small Businesses Can Minimize Plumbing Issues

As the owner of a small business, you’re likely quite aware of how much you feel each and every cost. For example, when plumbing issues occur in the store or building, you often brace yourself for the bill. Instead of allowing these issues to bring financial ruin to your business, consider approaches for reducing plumbing problems in the first place.

Prohibit Customer Usage

Pretty much everyone has been in a situation where they desperately need to use the restroom, and they hope that the first store they see will allow customers to go into the bathroom. As a result, you likely have sympathy for these situations. However, allowing for customer traffic in the bathroom is going to cause wear and tear on the plumbing system. In the event that you do currently allow customers to use the bathroom, give regular shoppers some advanced notice that this policy will soon change. Of course, this plan doesn’t work for all businesses. If you own a restaurant or cafe, leaving the restrooms open is a necessity.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Another way to fight against plumbing failures is to schedule regular maintenance on the system. Plumbers can let you know if any issues are starting to manifest and if you are in need of any equipment, such as new pipes or test plugs. Utilizing test plugs is especially important when your business’ pipes need to be tested. Specifically, they are used for testing pressure in your plumbing system. Further, you can have conversations with the plumber about specific issues that could affect your system. Take into account the fact that older systems are likely more prone to problems. You can speak with the plumber about steps to take to protect an older system at your business.

Stock the Bathroom

No one wants to be in a situation where the toilet starts to overflow. Even more upsetting is the experience of encountering an overflowing toilet without a plunger. While you can’t expect your employees to solve major plumbing issues, you can stock the bathroom with the tools to tackle minor inconveniences. In other words, make sure the business bathroom has a plunger in it. If employees encounter an issue, they can make use of a plunger before the problem gets worse.

Post Reminders

Putting up a couple of signs in the bathroom with reminders about how to treat the plumbing system is a smart idea. For example, if the toilet at your business is experiencing frequent clogs, you may want to put up a sign reminding employees to avoid flushing large amounts of toilet paper or feminine hygiene products down the bowl. When people are rushing through the workday, they might easily forget these simple steps. Signage can help.

You don’t want plumbing problems to cause a great hassle at your business. Fortunately, you can employ some strategies to prevent a problem with the plumbing from leading to major destruction.

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