How to Make Sure Your New Cabin Gets Plumbed Right

How to Make Sure Your New Cabin Gets Plumbed Right

If you want healthy living, consider building a cabin that will provide you with natural living conditions and ambiance. After you have built your new cabin, one of the more challenging tasks is the plumbing system installation process. You will need to think carefully when making installations in order to bring in fresh and clean water while also draining sewerage water from your cabin. Here are a few ways to make sure your new cabin gets plumbed right.

Buy Galvanized Steel or Polyethylene Pipes

When purchasing pipes to transport water into your cabin, consider galvanized steel or polyethylene pipes. Galvanized steel pipe is strong but not ideal for transporting hot water. On the other hand, polyethylene pipes are flexible and a more suitable choice for a new cabin. These pipes should get installed during the construction of the cabin. Ensure the pipes run through the interior of your cabin’s wall. This will prevent them from damage during harsh climatic conditions. Also, ensure that the fixtures get installed correctly to prevent leakages.

Make Sure Pumps Are Compatible with Cabins Requirements

Ensure the suction capacity of your pump is corresponding with the cabin’s height above sea level. Also, base your pump on the tank’s height to enable the water to get to your cabin efficiently.

Install High-Quality Drain Pipes

It is important to go for quality drain pipes and seek expert plumbing services. Considering that these pipes transport sewage from your cabin to the disposal area, choose a quality that has minimum corrosion. Also, install them carefully to prevent damage during installation. Hiring a professional to handle the installation process can help you minimize potential damages. Most experts have access to quality equipment that will help get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Install AC Vent Pipes Inside the Walls

Installing the vent pipes in the wall protects them from damage. If the cabin is in a region with severe winters and low temperature, the pipes may freeze if they are in the exterior. Consider installing copper pipes for your hot and cold water supply.

Install the Right Septic Tanks

Determining the septic tank’s location if the cabin is in the cold areas is very critical. Ensure the pipe linked to the inlay and outlet of the septic tank is below the region’s frost line. This is done to avoid freezing of water in the pipes and tanks. Also, make sure that pipes in the toilet are of good quality to prevent leaks.

Finally, the efficiency of your plumbing system is determined by the installation and management. A perfect plumbing system prevents additional costs in regard to repairs and tune-ups. It is important always to hire expert plumbers to do the plumbing in your new cabin.

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