4 Great Products You Can Sell From Home Made From Casting Resin

4 Great Products You Can Sell From Home Made From Casting Resin

The world is currently growing, and people need to equip themselves with wonderful ideas and skills to keep up. One of the most common trends witnessed currently is the rise in homemade crafts. People are utilizing their skills and talents to come up with great designs that are fast gaining track on the market. If you are looking to put your craft skills to use, casting resin has numerous opportunities for you. There are several products that can be made from cast resin. An example is jewelry and even decorating materials such as vases and sculptures. Here are some of the best products you can make from casting resin while at home.

Floating Glitter Necklace

Glitter is said to elicit happy emotions in people. To make this necklace is rather simple. However, you may need to exercise some level of patience. To make a floating glitter resin necklace, you will need resin, an open frame pendant, glitter, painter’s tape, and materials to protect your workspace. Keep in mind that these necklaces will take a maximum of 24hours to dry; hence you need to let them rest for at least 12 hours. It is best to work on an immovable work surface to avoid tampering with the necklaces before they dry off.

Fabric Covered Resin Table

Working with resin has never been an easy task if you ask people who started. However, giving up at the early stages will make you lose an amazing opportunity of presenting the world with some of your greatest designs. You can use resin to reclaim some of the furniture in your home, with the simplest option being the tables. The first thing to do is to smoothen and repaint the table, then choose a fabric you like.

At this point, you may have to consult with your Polyurethane casting material supplier on the best material to use to seal the resin before it damages the fabric. Apply a thick layer of the mod podge on the table, then spread the fabric on top, straightening to get rid of any air bubbles. Once you are done, apply the resin smoothly over the surface and let it rest for at least 24 hours.

Flower Brooch

This is one of the best gift ideas for women. Brooches are not worn directly to the body and can feature flower pins to a little old school to your look. You can accessorize using a brooch when wearing clothes such as cardigans, sweaters, blazers and jackets. In some cases, you can fit a chain to make it wearable, like a necklace.

Clear Casting Resin Paperweights

This is one of the best ways to make gifts for your loved ones while making some extra cash. For this, you may need to visit your polyurethane casting material supplier for a polyester casting resin, casting poly molds, mold release and the material you’re looking to design. Set the paperweight material in the gelled resin the let it rest for a while before filling the mold with more resin. The resin is gentle and, when poured gently, will not damage your object.

Take time to go over various designs and procedures on various online platforms. Making jewelry and decorations from casting resin is a sure way of supplementing your income from the comfort of your home.

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