How to Choose New Coffee Beans to Use In Your Cafe

How to Choose New Coffee Beans to Use In Your Cafe

Take your time when deciding about the coffee beans to use in your cafe. Try to find the best-tasting coffee beans. Get those that will please everyone and use the guide below to help choose them.

Taste a Variety of Coffee Beans

When trying to decide which coffee beans would be best for your cafe, taste a variety of them. Try fresh brews and iced coffees. Try it strong and try it with sweetener and cream. Try a variety of coffee beans to taste the differences between them and decide what you like best.

Get to Know the Place Where the Coffee Beans Come From

If you want to feel good about choosing the coffee beans you do, then you need to learn about where they are grown. Learn about the farmers who carefully look after the beans in such places as Colombia, and find a 2 lb bag whole bean Colombian coffee to try. If you like the story behind the coffee beans, then you will feel good about supporting the farmers as you serve that coffee at your cafe.

Give Out Samples of the Coffee

If you try several types of coffee beans and can’t decide what you like best, then you can give out some free samples. Allow customers to taste all the coffees you are considering so you can get feedback. Those in the cafe are the ones who will be ordering the coffee, anyway, and you want to make them happy with what you choose.

See How Well the Coffee Beans Pair With Other Things

If you want to make sure that you get the right coffee, then see how well it pairs with the desserts you sell. See how well it can be made into iced coffee or any kind of specialty drink. Try it in a variety of ways to decide if it is the right choice.

Decide What You Are Going for in Your Cafe

Decide if you want your cafe to be known for having strong and bold coffee or a lighter roast. Decide how much money you want to spend on the beans because that will affect how much you charge customers. Figure out what you want for your cafe before you start trying the coffee beans.

Find coffee beans that are a crowd-pleaser. Choose those with a story or price you feel good about. Use the right coffee beans to make your cafe well-loved.

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