4 Issues to Consider Before Starting Major Renovations On Your House

4 Issues to Consider Before Starting Major Renovations On Your House

Major renovations can increase the value of your home and make it more liveable. They can also turn it into the home of your dreams. But while they’re happening, they can be your worst nightmare if not handled properly. Consider these four issues before you start any major renovations on your house.

Your Budget

It’s easy to start looking at home decorating magazines, Pinterest pins, and other places and dream about what you want to do to your home. But the more changes you make, and the bigger they are, the more it will cost. And if you’re not careful, any added value may not make up for what you spend. Create a budget before you start renovations so you can limit your dreaming and options to those you can afford.

Your Timeline

When you begin your renovations, it’s tempting to do everything all at once and just get it all over with so you can go back to living in your home. But there are almost always unexpected delays. It’s important to consider your timeline. If you need your home liveable again by a specific date, will need to stay with family or friends, or have other reasons why you need your renovations done quickly, you should prioritize the renovations that are most important or quickest so you can get back into your home.

Your Home’s “Bones”

The dream home you envision might be absolutely beautiful, but does it work with the “bones” your home has. It’s very important to consider your home’s structural engineering. From the exterior walls that hold up the roof and give the home structure to the interior walls with their electrical wiring and plumbing, you need to know what can safely be removed or altered and what can’t be touched at all without causing your house to be unstable.

Clarity on What You Want

Before you start tearing down walls or interviewing contractors, you need to be clear on your vision of your home after renovations. Blindly moving forward and making changes with no clear plan for what it will all look like when it’s done is a recipe for disaster. Clarity on what you want, however, ensures that a contractor can let you know when your vision might not be a realistic option for the home you have. This clarity will also help when it comes to setting your timeline and budget.

Whether you’re renovating your forever home to make it the dream home you also wanted or are remodeling to make a starter home more appealing to buyers, major renovations can create a home that is beautiful, functional, and valuable. But you need to know what you’re getting into first.

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