When to Settle: How to Know When to Find A Personal Injury Lawyer

When to Settle: How to Know When to Find A Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen. However, when an accident happens that falls under a person or company’s liability, they have a legal duty to make you whole again to the best of their ability. They must pay medical bills, lost wages, and even legal expenses. If you made the responsible party aware of your injuries, a lawyer will deny fault or offer you a settlement. How do you know when to settle or when to find a personal injury lawyer?

Claiming No Fault

Some insurance companies will come back to you to say that they don’t find their client at fault for the injury. If this happens, you are in for a fight. You will need to gather evidence to prove your case and take the proper legislative actions to refute their claim. A personal injury lawyer can advise whether your evidence should adequately prove your case, how to file the appropriate paperwork, and what steps to take regarding medical needs, communication with the defendant, and overall behavior.

Injuries Are Serious

Serious injuries take the case to a new level of financial obligation that requires professional legal attention. Lawyers must discuss the injury itself as well as how it may impact you in the future medically and in regards to your ability to work. Someone will need to cover future medical expenses, not to mention the pain and suffering experienced. A mistake in the case could result in the loss of a lot of money. These types of negotiations can be really tricky and so having a lawyer there can be essential to making sure that you fully understand everything they are offering.

Low Settlement Offer

Most commonly, the insurance company will provide an offer. Many people don’t think twice and take the offer to expedite the process and receive the funds as quickly as possible. It can feel like the easiest solution. However, before accepting an offer, it may be good to consult with a lawyer. Getting professional advice about the nature of the settlement can be really helpful. A good rule of thumb would be to not sign any sort of agreement without first checking with a lawyer. This will help you ensure that you are not being taken advantage of.

In almost all cases, you should refuse to settle for the first offer an insurance company offers you. It is generally a bad idea to accept any offer that you have not first run by a lawyer. They are professionally trained and will be working for you to get you the best settlement possible.

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