4 Steps You Should Take Before Filing A Workers' Comp Complaint

4 Steps You Should Take Before Filing A Workers’ Comp Complaint

Accident happen. When an accident happens at work, it could result in serious pain or loss of work. In many cases, you deserve compensation for your injuries if the accident happened at work. Here are 4 steps you should take before filing a workers’ compensation complaint.

Inform Employer

You need to tell your employer about the incident. This gives them the opportunity to take the proper precautions and they also get forewarning that a workers’ compensation complaint will likely be coming. Let your employer know that an accident happened and that you will be going to get medical attention. When you return, you can give them additional details.

Go to a Doctor

You need to go to a doctor as soon as possible after the accident. A doctor will help care for any injuries you sustained. They will also be able to record what injuries you experienced so that you have proof to show your employer. Just make sure that you go immediately after the accident because if you take too long, it could weaken your case. Your employer may argue that the injury could have happened outside of work.

Gather Evidence

You may need to prove a number of things in your case, such as how the injury happened and the extent of your injuries. It’s your responsibility to provide the proof, so keep that in mind from the very moment of the accident. Ask for people in the area to write an affidavit explaining what happened from their perspective. You may also need to take pictures if the accident was caused by unsafe work conditions. Finally, you’ll need official documents from a doctor stating your injuries.

Talk to a Lawyer

You will need a workers compensation lawyer to walk you through the claims process. The lawyer will be able to use their knowledge of workers compensation law to tell you what and what not to say about the accident to your employer and the insurance adjustor. If at all possible, talk to a lawyer before you give your statement to your employer. If you say the wrong thing, it can ruin your case. This includes on social media, so be very careful of what you post. The lawyer will also be able to help you complete the process properly, as it can get complicated.

No one wants to be injured. Filing works compensation can actually help you heal and get back to work faster and get you the financial support that you need to weather your injury.

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