Services to Perform When Preparing Your Car For Summer

Services to Perform When Preparing Your Car For Summer

Summer may be around the corner, and you may have already made plans. You can decide to hit the beach or travel for a vacation with your family. You may have your tank tops, flip-flops, and summer wear ready, but you may forget all about your car.

Your car will require various services during different seasons. Thus, it is imperative to help your car adjust to the summer heat. This way, you can travel without any mechanical issues and save on hefty repair costs. When making your summer plans, it is essential to include car maintenance in your itinerary for smooth travels. With that, here are some services to consider when preparing your car for summer.

Check Your Coolant System

Your car’s coolant system doesn’t necessarily refer to your AC system. The coolant system helps keep your engine and radiator cool amid the summer heatwave. The coolant system consists of your radiator, fan, and water pump, and you should ensure everything functions properly to prevent your engine from overheating.

Check your water and coolant levels to ensure enough coolant is in circulation and keep your engine cool. This way, you can avoid disrupting your trip due to an overheated engine. Consult a mechanic to help you check if your coolant system is in a top-notch condition and handle any repairs.

Oil Change

It is imperative to ensure your engine has enough lubricant to keep all components running efficiently. During summers, the temperatures under your engine hood may spike and add to the engine heat. Thus, it is imperative to make oil changes with the recommended oil from your car’s manufacturer.

Replacing your oil ensures that your engine has a clean lubricant to keep it running smoothly. This way, you can maintain an average engine temperature and prevent your engine from breaking down or knocking.

Inspect Your Tires and Tire Pressure

Check all your car tires, including your spare, and discern whether there are any bulges or cuts. Also, check your tire treads and determine if it’s time for new tires. Look for tire dealers that can provide the best tires and choose the recommended tires.

Check the tire pressure when the car is stationary and when it’s cool. Inflate your tires according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Brake Inspection

Ensure your brakes are working, and if you hear any grinding noises, it would be best to visit a mechanic. Also, check your brake fluid levels and use the recommended fluid to keep your braking system checked. Consider if you need any repairs or replacement for your brake drums, pads, and rotors.

Ensure you visit a professional auto mechanic to determine the best services to keep your car in tip top shape during summer. Plan a schedule and include car maintenance services in your summer plans.

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