4 Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Clean and Like New

4 Ways to Keep Your Car Interior Clean and Like New

After buying a new car, you may only have a few months to enjoy the new car smell before it’s gone. It’s incredible how quickly the interior of a car can become dirty. To help you keep your car interior clean and looking like it’s new, here are four methods to utilize.

Don’t Treat Your Car Like Storage

One of the reasons your car may be dirty is because you consider it as an extension of your house. Clothes, trash, cardboard boxes, toys, and other items are stored in your car. You need to break the mindset that your car is just an extension of your house. It’s a place of transport. It’s not a place where junk lingers.

Keep a Garbage Bin Inside Your Garage

A reason why you might keep trash inside of your car instead of throwing it away is that the location of the trash isn’t convenient for you. Perhaps it’s all the way inside of your home. To make life easier on you, you should have a garbage bin that’s devoted to car trash. It should be located right by your car door to ensure you can quickly and easily throw out your trash.

Install Car Mats

Car floor mats are a great way to keep the floors of your car clean. Whether you experience a muddy summer or a slushy winter, you can expect to track stuff into your car. Mud and dirt can quickly cake on the floor and make the interior of your car look older than it actually is.

Car mats are a way to prevent this from happening. There are several different types of mats. Some just keep the floor protected from dirt. Others are better at absorbing water. Depending on the typical climate of your home, you should choose the one that will best keep your car’s interior clean.

Use a Cleaning Solution

To ensure your car stays germ-free and smells great, you should also clean the interior regularly with a gentle cleaning solution. Because some car interiors are made of leather, you should look for a cleaning solution that won’t damage it.

Otherwise, you can simply spray and towel down your car to make it smell fresh and kill bacteria and viruses on the spot. Cleaning the inside of your windshield can also make it fog up less in the rain or snow.

Following these four methods can be an effective way to keep your car looking great and smelling great. Try them today and enjoy your practically new car.

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