Our home screen look is changed and enhances if a relevant good wallpaper is used. Mobile phone is the most device and the first thing that anyone come across as soon as you open your phone it is the wallpaper. It is highly suggested instead of wasting time and looking up for good pictures online it is highly recommended to opt for the apps that are specifically tailored for this purpose. Various android apps not only help you find the relevant wallpaper picture but it also helps you find the correct size of the required wallpaper. Many organizations prefer the custom mobile apps development methodology these wall paper apps are perfect fit for them as well. There are some apps even providing feature of daily wall paper update as well.

Check out some amazing free wallpaper application list compiled for you to make your android user interface more engaging and exciting.

Wallpapers by Google

This is an interesting wall paper app for all the Android devices by Google LLC. It has some amazing and grand collection of google Earth, Google+ and other resources. You have the option to set the wall paper, lock-screen and home screen using the app itself. There is quite a detailed distribution of categories having categories like Landscapes, Seascapes, cityscapes, geometric shapes, etc. The exciting feature is there is also a ‘daily newspaper’ feature that enables you to see a newspaper every day from your selected category. This is a completely free of cost app.


The best rhymes and combination of resplash and The process is quite simple and convenient. Unsplash stocks free-to-use beautiful and cool images, and Resplash dispenses it to the Android world. This android app is known for having 800,000 HD wallpapers that too not random images every wallpaper image is curated to perfection into a distinctive collection such as “Desktop and Tech” or “Good Doggos of Unsplash” or “Sienna and Cyan” and more. It is very much preferred because of its amazing user interface as well. You also have the liberty to change the layout in the app settings. The actual theme of the app is AMOLED dark theme, which further enhances the user interface.

Muzei Live Wallpaper

It is an actually a live wallpaper app that is known for bringing new piece to new piece of famous art and to your home screen every day and every time. It has the feature of automatic rotate through your favorite images after every few hours. The wall paper is also having the feature and quality of receding the background you can blur and even dim the artwork to keep your required icon in the spotlight.

You also have the liberty to choose the relevant images from your liberty and other app even. It is completely free and open source. It also helps developers to bring and use content from all kind of sources as well. This app is renowned for Android Wear Support.


It is a quite unique and known wallpaper app that can easily freshen up the entire look of your android app. It helps you find the best suitable android wallpapers. It doesn’t download any kind of wallpaper but rather it helps to generate it in your own device using its inbuilt algorithms. You even have the choice to setup the wallpaper on hourly or even daily basis. This generated wallpaper will perfectly fit in your mobile screen.

Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

Backgrounds HD is among those wallpaper apps that have over 100 million downloads. It covers an extensive collection of different categories of wallpapers having 30 plus different variants. As per your preference before setting it up you can crop, filter, and select various wallpaper modes. You can easily set wallpaper from within the app as well. You can store your favorite wallpaper on a favorite tab as well. By signing in to the app, you can upload your work. It is free and ad-supported.

Backdrops – Wallpapers

It is another impressive wallpaper app for Android where you have the liberty to choose from the original wallpapers that are not only by its own team specifically. You can find various categories like Abstract, Earth, Geometric, Pattern, Photography, Food, etc. You have the option to favorite the image if you want when you signing the app it allows its entire collection of favorites across different devices. Everyday Backdrop represents the newly crafted wallpaper featured under the option of “Wall of the Day”. The pro version of the app is ad-free and gives you access to more original designs. It is available as an in-app purchase.


There are so many great options available that can give you a customized and quite exclusive feel when it comes to your mobile phone wallpaper. You must give any one of these application a try and feel the difference yourself.

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