4 Plumbing Issues That Are Making Your Water Bill Increase

4 Plumbing Issues That Are Making Your Water Bill Increase

Water use in the home is a necessary utility. However, certain kinds of problems with your home’s plumbing can be costly in terms of raising your monthly water bill. If you have any of the following problems, call a plumber to repair them to stop your bills from increasing.

Running Toilet

Flushing the toilet should release a fair amount of water that gushes from the tank into the pot to pressure the contents down through the toilet’s plumbing and into the sewer or septic tank. If your toilet tank’s chain or floater is broken, and the water level does not rise to where it should be, the tank might continue trying to fill with enough water for the next flush. Continuous flushes to clear the pot will use more water than should be expended, raising your water bill.

Dripping Faucet

A dripping faucet due to a loose handle might seem like a minor issue that can’t do much harm. But over time, those drips will require additional water from your hot water tank, which could increase if the problem does not get fixed. Before you know it, your monthly water bill could be surprisingly higher than usual. Take care of faucet leaks instead of letting them go. If your sink faucet or shower drip after turning them off, have the problem fixed, as water loss can add up quickly.

Leaking Pipes

Check your home’s plumbing system yearly for signs of damage or leaks. If you see water dripping from the plumbing lines, trace the moisture to its source to discover what is needed to repair the problem. A loose joint or a cracked pipe could be the culprit. Between inspections, listen for sounds of suspicious water drips or look for evidence of moisture in the basement or under the sink. Unexplained water drips or pooling means you may have a worrisome plumbing problem.

Damaged Sprinkler System

Automatic lawn sprinkler systems are generally reliable. But check yours periodically for signs of malfunction or failure. The hose or jets could be damaged in ways that mean the water pulsing through for your lawn ends up going elsewhere and missing its intended purpose. A licensed professional who provides plumbing services can inspect your system for flaws and provide an estimate for the repair cost.

Water is a precious commodity for all of us. Check your home for signs of water wastage or plumbing issues, and fix the problem pronto. You will not only save on your water bill but also help to save the planet.

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