Potential Floor Concept Ideas to Consider For Your Home Renovation

Potential Floor Concept Ideas to Consider For Your Home Renovation

If you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your home, renovations may be in your future. While there are likely a lot of areas that you’re considering in your plans, the floor is a big one. Here are some potential floor concepts you should consider including in your renovation plans.


If your home has a lot of traffic and people filing in and out, then terrazzo can be a great choice in entryways and foyers. Not only does this material hold up to high traffic, but it also can provide an aesthetically pleasing look that will breathe new life into your floors. You’ll often find these impressive terrazzo designs in entranceways, showrooms, and executive office spaces.

Quarry Tile

The next flooring concept on this list is quarry tile. You’ll find this tiling used in many commercial kitchens for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it withstands a lot of foot traffic, is easy to clean, and protects against spill seepage. Because of its commercial appearance, this may not be your first choice. However, if you have a large family, are prone to disasters in the kitchen, or are constantly cleaning up messes, then quarry tile might be a wise choice for your kitchen area. When styled well, your kitchen will still look like a cozy home space and not a restaurant kitchen.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is becoming a new popular choice for many different homes. There are so many unique wood-like designs and colors to choose from. Vinyl tile stands up to high-traffic and can provide an upscale look to any space. There are different thicknesses that can offer more protection from high-impact situations. You can get more information on vinyl flooring and tile from local renovation companies, like those at B. E. Vaughan & Son, Inc., and other businesses.

Epoxy Flooring

One common type of flooring that you’ll find throughout medical buildings and lab facilities is epoxy coating. This type of flooring system allows for a special resin to be placed directly onto the concrete slab to protect against wear and tear. This is perfect for handling foot traffic, chemical spills, and other abrasions. This cost-effective solution can produce floors of ranging colors, which makes it ideal for any homeowner looking for a cheap and versatile flooring solution.

As you get started planning your home floor renovation, it’s important that you take time to consider the different flooring options that you have. The above are four of the most popular used throughout different types of homes. It’s best to consider the needs of your family, your budget, and your intended preferences for the design when deciding on which flooring concept is best for your renovation plans.

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