A Guide to Using Keywords to Improve Your Shop's Online Presence

A Guide to Using Keywords to Improve Your Shop’s Online Presence

If you’re hoping to improve your ecommerce marketing campaign, then SEO is a great place to start. Far too many businesses overlook the potential benefits of optimizing your content for search engines. The use of keywords, while far from the only player in the SEO game, is nonetheless a major component. If you want to bring in new customers and maximize your sales, consider adopting these tried and tested keyword techniques.

Do Some Research to Find the Ideal Keywords

Before you can start using keywords with your online store, you need to determine exactly which words you’d like to optimize for. Landing on a solid list of keywords requires both research and a bit of strategy. First of all, think about what types of words your potential customers would likely use when searching for products on Google. Then, use an online keyword research tool to test the frequency of certain keywords. Your goal is to find words that you expect consumers to search for but that aren’t overly common.

Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Once you have your list of keywords, you need to use them occasionally throughout your content without going over the top. Forcing the words into every sentence, even when it detracts from the flow and meaning of the text, is called “keyword stuffing” and can actually hurt your site’s search engine ranking. Only use the words where it makes sense to do so. These days, search engine algorithms can spot a keyword stuffer and make them suffer the consequences.

Use Keywords in Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions serve to tell search engines what a page or site is all about. That’s why you should make sure your keywords are included in these short, pointed texts. Not only will this help your search engine ranking, but it will also give viewers a better idea of your site. Your meta description should show up beneath the title on the Google results page, which is what makes it such an important feature.

Use Keywords in URL

Your URL address is another great place to use your keywords. This is a quick and easy way to help search engines and consumers alike discover your site. Make sure each page has a customized URL as well as the site’s homepage.

Keywords are indeed the key to maximizing your site’s visibility. By taking the steps described above, you can drive traffic to your online shop and increase your ecommerce for your small business.

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