An example of a detailed, planned garden.

How to Find the Right Decorations and Paths For Your Garden

As you start planning your Spring garden, this is a great time to decide which elements will work best and where to get them. Depending on the size and location of your garden, you have several options for arranging and accenting that area. A small flower bed behind the house can be enhanced differently than a bountiful rose garden along the fence or a wildflower display in the front yard. Here are some ideas to consider.

Stone and Brick Walkways

You might want to design a paver walkway through the midst of your garden or around the perimeter to provide firm footing for garden enjoyment. Whether made of bricks or inlaid stone, you can get a wide choice of walkway materials from a stone gravel supplier. Choose from several textures, widths, designs, and colors. A paved walkway at your garden will help to frame its position in the yard and possibly prevent soil erosion.

Arches and Trellises

Special effects like a flower-bedecked arch offers an inviting aspect to your garden. An ivy-covered trellis has a similar effect. White wood is a popular style, but there are others that you might also find interesting. You can shop for these and other decorative elements like tiny white lights on a battery-operated cord or rustic lanterns to create the perfect ambiance for a summer picnic or barbecue. Most larger home supply stores carry a nice selection to view onsite or online.

Benches and Seating

Add a wooden bench or a patio chair for cozy relaxation and outdoor leisure in your garden. The beautiful florals and fragrant scents along with the hum of bumblebees or nearby birdsong will be soothing and relaxing. You can construct a simple bench from a kit or build one if you have carpentry skills. Home and garden dealers usually carry a variety of styles that you can pick from to coordinate with your garden theme.

Fencing and Fountains

This may be a good time to install yard fencing while planning the garden. An attractive wooden or vinyl fence often makes an attractive backdrop for a colorful flower garden. A white picket fence could add an old fashioned border to go with traditional roses, pansies, and hydrangea bushes. A small fountain placed strategically in your garden can contribute to a classic effect. Gardening sections of department stores or home supply stores offer new trends and designs in these and related elements.

Your garden can become a place of retreat and nature appreciation when you plan ahead, buy supplies, and get ready to start work when Springtime rolls around.

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