4 Possible Ways to Defend Yourself Against A Home Intruder

4 Possible Ways to Defend Yourself Against A Home Intruder

While you are usually safe inside your home, that can change in an instant should intruders decide to stage a home invasion. Though home invasions are somewhat rare, they do happen more frequently than in years past. Because of this, it is vital you know what to do should you be faced with this nightmare. While you should of course always try to call 9-1-1 to get police to the scene as fast as possible, you may be confronted with a situation where you will need to defend yourself or family members. To do so successfully, here are four things to rely on so that you walk away alive.

Pepper Spray

Non-lethal pepper spray can be very effective in making an intruder back off from an attack. So long as your aim is good, you can often stand 10-30 feet away from an intruder and safely shoot pepper spray into their eyes, blinding them and giving yourself precious time to escape or apprehend them if possible.


If you own a gun and have been trained in its use, be prepared to use it should a home invasion take place. To make sure you are ready for the moment should it ever occur, visit a shooting range regularly to practice your skills. Also, make sure you purchase bulk 9mm luger ammo for sale so you’ll have plenty on hand just in case the worst-case scenario occurs.

Self-Defense Tactics

If you are surprised by an intruder and find yourself quickly involved in a physical confrontation, possessing self-defense training in martial arts or other similar techniques can mean the difference between life or death. Since many police departments offer self-defense training classes to citizens, signing up for a class and learning various techniques may one day save your life or that of someone you love.

Safe Room

If you have a room in your basement or elsewhere, turning it into a safe room may save your life when facing a home intruder. If you do this, make sure it includes an emergency cell phone, flashlight, and a gun or other weapons. Also, make sure the door to your safe room is mounted on hinges that swing out rather than in, since this will make the door harder for an intruder to break down.

By keeping these tips in mind and preparing for a situation you hope you and your family never have to face, you will stand a much better chance of emerging from a home invasion alive and well.

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