Industries Improved by Reclaimed Marine Plastic Endeavors

Industries Improved by Reclaimed Marine Plastic Endeavors

Plastic is a versatile and long-lasting material that has changed how people use products over the years. However, despite its versatility, it can cause environmental damage. When companies dump plastic waste into oceans instead of recycling it properly, it can cause huge problems for aquatic life. Some industries see the issues with this practice and have taken steps to breathe new life into reclaimed plastics while helping the environment. Here are just a few of the industries improved by endeavors to reclaim and recycle marine plastic.


Fishing nets are some of the most harmful plastic objects in the sea. Many nets that are not used anymore fall into the oceans and float aimlessly. They can catch and trap marine life, and most fish and other animals have no easy escape once they are captured. Some companies have repurposed the plastic fibers in fishing nets to make stylish, functional sunglasses. In many cases, you can even turn in your damaged frames for a new pair. The old ones get recycled again. 


Most people are familiar with yarn, as it is used in both professional and homemade apparel, décor, and design. While most people buy yarn in balls or rolls at a craft store, businesses like decided on a different approach. They use plastic recycled from the oceans as a major component in their yarn. The overall structure of patented yarn such as this makes it a durable product that is resistant to abrasions that may affect other fibers. Consumers get a strong product, and the company helps to reduce toxic plastic waste in the world’s oceans at the same time.


Every home needs furniture for both decor and comfort. What better way to outfit a house or apartment than with some pieces made from reclaimed plastics? Reclaimed plastics can be used to make many items, and are especially popular in chairs. Many chairs are made with reclaimed plastic mesh backing that is soft yet resilient. The mesh can even respond to how you move to ensure maximum comfort at all times.


Technology is so integral to our daily lives that many people see it as a basic necessity. Just about everyone loves to shop for new accessories for their devices. There are many designs and patterns to choose that can help you show your personal tastes. If you’re thinking of upgrading, you can get accessories like smartphone cases made from reclaimed marine plastic. They’re eco-friendly, and you can find a range of sizes or styles to fit your needs.

Humanity sees the usefulness of plastic in everyday life, but companies haven’t yet mastered the process of reusing the stuff as effectively as they could. The durable nature of plastic is a boon, but it is also part of what makes it tricky to recycle. New efforts are underway to repurpose some of the trillions of plastic pieces floating in the oceans. Some industries can break this debris down into raw components and use them to craft high-quality products for the next generation.

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