Starting Construction In A Busy Area? Here's How to Divert and Control Traffic

Starting Construction In A Busy Area? Here’s How to Divert and Control Traffic

Construction workers are expected to keep themselves and other passersby safe. It’s their legal duty to warn motorists who approach dangerous work sites. The following tips are recommended to divert and control traffic effectively on busy roads.

Set Up Traffic Control Devices

Set up temporary traffic control devices around the construction site, such as signs, cones and road barricades. Without any warning sign at all, many people will drive right into the construction site without seeing the dangers, risking the lives of themselves and the construction crew. Having one bright-colored road sign in clear view is more effective than not having any sign at all.

Hire a Traffic Control Guide

Take extra precautionary measures when the traffic is heavier than usual and the risks of accidents are increased. Consider having one or two construction workers stand in the road and divert traffic by hand. Since the job is dangerous, require the worker to wear a traffic control vest.

Follow Traffic Control Rules and Laws

There are national, state and local laws that define how to set up traffic control devices properly. The signs must be clearly marked and brightly colored to attract attention from a long distance. Place your signs at a short distance before the driver approaches the site. Drivers must be given enough time to slow down or switch lanes if one half of the road is blocked.

According to law, workers are not allowed to create their own rules when diverting traffic. They cannot make dark-colored signs that drivers cannot see or set up barricades that block the entire road. Rules help them to prevent unnecessary accidents and conflicts with angry drivers who pass the site.

Create a Traffic Management Plan

Before you start controlling traffic, develop a plan for the best results. Make a traffic management plan that outlines the steps needed to divert traffic. List hazards that could interfere with effective traffic control, such as drivers who drive too fast or traffic jams, and specify the solution to each one.

Working on a construction project on a busy road is risky yet necessary. The dangers increase when you don’t have proper traffic control measures in place. On crowded roads, the risks increase because of reckless drivers who endanger the lives of everyone. Learning how to control the traffic is the first step to take before your crew starts construction work.

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