How to Decide What Type Of Gun to Own If You Want to Get Into Hunting

How to Decide What Type Of Gun to Own If You Want to Get Into Hunting

Just like any goal you desire to achieve, choosing the types of hunting guns for your hunting should be strategic. You should ask yourself several questions such as the type of game you want to hunt, types of cartridges, ammunition, rifle weight, gun material, and personal preference.

According to adventure ‘HowStuffWorks’, choosing a gun is a process that should be carefully done and involve the backward induction process. This process consists of trying to answer the questions posed above. In the next section, we will study the factors that differentiate one gun from another.

Rifle Actions and Material

Guns can be subdivided into two major categories; that is repeaters and single shots:

Single-Shot Rifle

A single shot rifle requires the user to put in a new cartridge after every shot, while a repeater rifle is the opposite of the single-shot rifle.

Repeater Rifle

A repeater rifle can hold multiple cartridges at once.

Rifle Actions

Riffle’s actions involve how the gun ejects a used cartridge and automatically or mechanically fixes a new cartridge in the chamber.

Rifle Preference

Gun preference can differ immensely from one hunter to another. Some hunters prefer guns with elegant and sleek designs such as the single-shot gun. This kind of gun puts a lot of pressure on the hunter because he needs to have an accurate aim and put the game down with a single shot.

Single-shot rifles come in many varied mechanisms and styles. These are:

  • Rolling-block
  • Falling-block
  • Trapdoor
  • Break-open rifles

Each style has a custom design and mechanism for loading and unloading the rifle.

Repeating rifles also have various actions and are therefore broken down further into smaller group categories: the pump-action rifles, bolt-action rifles, automatic rifles, and lever-action rifles.

Pump rifle, bolt, and the lever-action rifle have an inbuilt mechanism that requires the hunter to move some parts of the gun to unload an empty cartridge and load a new cartridge into the chamber. The name suggests that automatic sections can load and unload cartridges in the compartments without the hunter’s manipulation.

The rifle also comes in different stocks that you need to choose from, such as the barrel’s length, rifle twist, the store’s material, and ammunition.

When purchasing hunting rifles for the first time, it is advisable to repeat a rifle. The repeating rifle may not be as accurate and elegant as a single rifle, but a single rifle requires confidence and skill to handle appropriately.

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