What You Need to Know When You're Getting An HVAC System Installed For The First Time

What You Need to Know When You’re Getting An HVAC System Installed For The First Time

Having an HVAC system in your home is a great way to provide the comfort you deserve year-round. Of course, if you’ve never been around when an HVAC system was installed in a home, the process could be quite mystifying. To help ensure you don’t run into any surprises, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on the process of installing an HVAC system from beginning to end. If nothing else, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re getting a good value for the money you spend.

It Doesn’t Take Days

Unless you live in a mansion, most HVAC installations can be done in less than a day. Therefore, if you’ve been dreading having your home upended for days on end, you don’t have to worry any more. It is important to know, though, that the technicians who install your system can run into unexpected challenges that can cause the installation to take longer than normal.

Measurements Should Be Done First

Before a company installs a new HVAC system in your home, it’s important that they measure your home to determine the proper size of system to install. This is especially true if your home didn’t previously have an HVAC system installed, as there will be no old equipment to use for reference. Since the size of your HVAC system is important to its efficiency, this is a step that must not be skipped.

There Are Multiple Options

Thanks to continually improving technology, the options that are available to heat and cool your home continue to expand. Of course, you have the conventional central furnace and air conditioner. However, you also have systems called ductless mini-split systems that only heat and cool one room in your home. You can also choose a heat pump, a geothermal heat pump, and much more. To ensure you choose the option that’s right for your home, it’s best to speak with an HVAC technician.

It’s Important to Protect Pets

Installing an HVAC system involves a lot of loud banging, drilling, and thumping. These sounds could frighten many pets, especially when they’re already on edge from having strangers on their turf. Therefore, to help protect both your pets and the HVAC technicians, it’s a good idea to keep your pets away from the area where the system is being installed. Whether that means keeping them in a different area of the house or sending them to a friend’s house, your pet will be much happier if they are kept away from the action.

Above all, it’s important to know that installing a new HVAC system is more than worth the cost and inconvenience involved. Once the project is complete, you will be rewarded with a significant increase in your home’s comfort that will last for many years to come.

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