Ways to Make Your Loved One's Funeral Personal

Ways to Make Your Loved One’s Funeral Personal

No one wants to think of the day they will have to say farewell to a loved one. Whether they succumb to illness or old age, the death of someone we cared for can create a gaping hole in the family.

The immediate days after a funeral can be a confusing, daunting time of arrangements, wills, and family decisions; for some people, the reality of their mother or father’s death does not sink in until the funeral is over.

Everyone deserves a funeral worthy of their legacy, so here are some ways to plan a funeral that will do your loved one’s memory justice.

Make a Collage

At the gathering after the funeral, display a collage of photos chronicling the moments of your loved one’s life that they are most proud of. Military photos, sweet shots with grandchildren, or simply pictures of that smile you love so much–anything that will remind the family of why they loved this person so much.

You can compile these photos into digital albums to share with the family, so that they will always be available when a memory comes to mind.

Plant a Tree

If cared for properly, a tree can grow to be good and strong for a very long time. After the funeral, gather as a family at some important place–perhaps a relative’s back yard–and plant a tree or a rosebush that will live a long time, maybe even outliving you.

When the tree is big enough, it can be the gathering spot at which to celebrate your deceased loved one’s birthday memorials; spread a picnic blanket in the shade of that strong oak and tell stories of what they meant to you.

Write a Memory Book

Ask everyone present at the funeral service to share a special memory with your loved one and write it down. Then, when all of the chaos has passed, settle down to write a storybook dedicated to this special person.

After the memorial services, this book might be what their loved ones need to remember the impact this loved one had on the world.

Death does not have to mean saying good-bye. Memories do not die, so why should a family separate because someone has passed on? Personalize the funeral by remembering the good times and staying strong in memories.

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