How to Calm Your New Kitten As They Get Used to Their Surroundings

How to Calm Your New Kitten As They Get Used to Their Surroundings

Getting a new pet can be a fantastic way to brighten your home and give you more motivation and joy through the day. Baby animals do require a lot of attention, though, and you should be prepared for the responsibility for caring for a living creature. Pets have specific needs, and can’t just be treated like toys or stuffed animals. This is especially true of cats, which are naturally curious creatures that love to bite, climb, and scratch.

Adjusting to a new home can be quite difficult for a young kitten, and you should come up with a transition plan well before you adopt any new pets. With some key products and a few adjustments around your house, you can ensure that your kitten remains calm and comfortable as they get used to their new surroundings.

Isolate Them at First

While you might be excited to introduce your kitten to other pets and the rest of your family, they should remain isolated for the first few days. Cats can become very aggressive with one another, and you don’t want to shock your kitten any more than you need to. After a few days of isolating them in a single area of the home, they can then gradually be introduced to other pets and family members.

Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment

Your cat will eventually want to wander around on their own, but they should have a small space where they can feel completely safe. That area needs to include a comfortable place to nap, some toys, a water bowl, a food bowl, and their litter box. Every cat has slightly different preferences, but most want the litter box to be relatively far from the food and water bowls.

Make Sure They Aren’t Overstimulated

Even without distractions, getting used to a new home is going to be very difficult for your kitten. That is why you must make sure that distractions are kept to an absolute minimum. Turning off electronic devices, closing the blinds, and shutting all the windows will help your kitten relax as they get comfortable. You might also want to turn off some of the lights so that their room isn’t too bright.

Supplement with CBD

Supplementing with CBD products is another option that you should consider if your kitten is having trouble adapting to the new living arrangements. A beef CBD pet tincture will be easy for your kitten to enjoy and will trigger the release of key hormones that put them at ease and lower their stress levels. That type of product will be especially useful during the first few weeks of the transition. You can also give them a CBD supplement if you ever need to take them outside of the home.

If you have tried these few steps and are still having problems, then it might be time to speak with a cat trainer or your veterinarian. Some cats have severe emotional issues because of past trauma, and dealing with those problems often requires professional assistance.

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