Starting A Non-Profit? How to Find Support and Donors in Your City

Starting A Non-Profit? How to Find Support and Donors in Your City

Founding a non-profit organization requires dedication and careful planning. It is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time as it directly affects people’s lives for the better. When the idea first comes to mind, you are likely to be full of energy and enthusiasm to make a difference. Getting donors for your new non-profit is one of the hardest tasks. Looking for people who will trust you enough to part with their money is no easy feat. Below are tips to help simplify the process of finding donors.

Use Prospect Screening

Prospect research will arm you with information that will help you get to know the potential donors personally. The research includes looking at the person’s previous donations to other nonprofits, their philanthropic contributions, and additional personal information such as hobbies and interests. Prospectus research will give you a full insight into your potential donor’s giving history. This information helps you to approach the donors that are passionate about your cause.

Use Social Media

Potential donors are often looking online for new organizations to support. If your organization doesn’t have an online presence, the information will not reach some potential donors. Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to inspire people to support your organization. Post information about your cause, mention and thank donors who have supported your purpose, and share testimonials from the people you are helping. These moves will encourage people to assist you and help others through your organization.

Enlist Your Friends

Use your network of friends for peer-to-peer fundraising to gain more support for your cause. Today research shows that over 40% of millennials are donating to non-profit organizations through peer-to-peer crusades. Using P2P texting has proven successful in reaching more people.

Open the Doors to Several Giving Levels

There are different giving paths for non-profit organizations. Potential donors should have numerous opportunities ready for different types of donors. You will find grassroots donors and billionaires who will be interested in donating to your cause. You should ensure no one is limited. Some people may want to participate in membership programs where they send in generous donations as membership fees, while others will dedicate their time to your organization. Open a door for these people to participate in helping others.

The essential point in this article is to realize that donors may not be found in the same place. You will be required to diversify your approach and strategy when looking for donors. The above tips and guidelines will help you simplify the process for your team and the organization.

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