Make Your Wish List: What To Prioritize When Looking At Retirement Communities

Make Your Wish List: What To Prioritize When Looking At Retirement Communities

Planning for retirement is an exciting opportunity to establish a new lifestyle that is comfortable and supportive to your changing needs and interests. As you begin preparing for your senior years, you may want to keep the following in mind as possible priorities.


Stepping down from full-time employment opens your daily routine to creative and relaxing opportunities that let you enjoy life at a new pace. You may want to look for a home in a quiet neighborhood that attracts seniors as opposed to one where residents are mainly families with children. 

Many people who are ready to give up full-time work choose to live in retirement communities with other seniors who share similar interests and lifestyle activities. A retirement housing community offers a comfortable environment with residents who are likewise retired and enjoying life in new ways.


Look for housing that provides amenities that offer safety and comfort. A walk-in bathtub, shower handrails, a toilet at a mid-level or higher height, and wide corridors or hallways that facilitate mobility are popular requests. Affordable housekeeping and dining services can save time and effort for seniors who want to enjoy their golden years doing other things. Dry cleaning, a spa, and a hair salon are often part of a retirement community or are located nearby. An onsite gym, pool, or office area for copies and faxes also make life a little easier with less driving to reach these services elsewhere.

Social Activities

Although many retirees maintain the friendships and leisure activities they have already established, a retirement center or community may provide group activities like speakers, exercise sessions, day trips, shopping expeditions, and site-seeing tours as well as occasional group outings to sports events or cultural programs. Opportunities to make new friends and join social cliques can make life even more interesting and fun.

Medical Support

With a realistic perspective on aging, retirees may want to find senior housing that includes a step-up division for those who may be injured or become ill and require post-op care or rehab therapy. Long-term nursing services that might be needed later might also be a benefit to living in a retirement center to facilitate the transition to onsite health monitoring if needed. Nurses who are available to check blood pressure and glucose levels, common concerns in an elderly population, are a welcome option for many senior residents.

Start making your wish list for senior living now so that when you retire, you can quickly find the housing option of your dreams.

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