Learn Everything About The Custom Retail Packaging

Learn Everything About The Custom Retail Packaging

According to statistics, the US holds approximately 1 million retail businesses, so nothing to get surprised that custom retail packaging is also required. With plenty of retailers out there, you need to look different from them? So, you will do branding with custom retail packaging.

Around 64% of consumers purchase something from the shelf without even knowing about the brand. Here comes a custom retail boxes as the biggest factor in deciding about your brand.

So, you want your brand to top the lists and create an enormous impact on potential consumers. To grow your brand and revenue, custom retail packaging will give you a perfect starter.

Custom Retail Packaging Boxes is a Secret Weapon

Please don’t get confused about how it can be a secret weapon! Understand that whenever you go for groceries or shopping, the first thing you see in the box in which the product is packed. So, we are on the same-page that consumer sight’s the box initially. It needs to be eye-catchy. A simple box may not attract consumers.

The packaging has a multi-dimensional function if you ponder. Let’s share it with you about what retail packaging does:

  1. The product remains protected throughout transportation.
  2. Share interesting or branding stories.
  3. Shareworthy information about your product.
  4. Enables consumer to decide if it’s good for them.
  5. Give your unique selling proposition.
  6. Share how to use your product.

Custom packaging affects the buying behavior of the consumer. If you have all the above points conveyed through packaging – it will strengthen and widen your consumer base. Let’s have a look at why custom retail packaging is a good investment for your business.

  • 100% Customizable Packaging

It doesn’t matter; if your product is small or big, custom packaging enables you to fit your product accordingly. Its custom boxes are specially designed as per the need of the client. The dimensions are taken before the product is set to place in the custom box for protection.

However, size is not the only reason it’s called custom packaging. You may add designs, themes or colors to your box. There are limitless options for you to design a good box for branding purposes.

  • Pull new consumers and make them a frenzied fan

Another statistical analysis suggests, 64% of the consumers buy products after looking at their packing. In short, the consumer doesn’t even research or read about the brand and product before buying. A good packaging compels them to purchase. So, a well-designed box is a strategic modus operandi to attract consumers.

Furthermore, 40% consumer say designed-packages influences them to buy again. And, 50% of consumer suggests their friend about purchasing the fancy-packaging product.

  1. Share experience on social media.
  2. Recommend your product to their acquaintances.
  3. Make recurring purchases.

So, it suggests custom packaging makes consumers a brand ambassador.

  • Shopper’s introduction to your brand is Retail Packaging

For many consumers, a box in which the product is packed is the initial interaction with your brand. There are only seven seconds where you decide to pick the product. The first impression of any product needs to be given a powerful punch. For a company, it’s necessary to draw tactics to galvanize consumers in the seven-second through powerful message or design on the box.

Product packaging is the first nail on the consumer’s head. Additionally, it gives shoppers a chance to decide between opting for the brand.

  • Niche Quality of packaging increase brand value

Top-notch quality packaging enhances product value. There are 44% of consumers agree that premium packaging adds value to the product. So, the niche quality of product packaging makes it more valuable in the consumer’s eye.

As a business owner, you may make little investment in niche quality of product packaging to see the results. It will enable you to see the response of the shoppers.

  • Custom packaging and verbal marketing

Consumer-generated content is gaining more worth. It means the reviews given by the consumer. Around 66% of millennials believe in the user-generated content to learn about the brand.

In that context, if 40% of your consumer add reviews with packaging pictures – how will it impact the millennials? It’s unimaginable because youth is crazy about creativity and reviews.

Consumer Care about Branding and Unboxing Experience

On YouTube, almost 100,000 people search for unboxing videos. So, you can imagine the audience has a focus on the packaging and the product. It’s not a hidden fact anymore that unboxing experience is significant for consumers.

If you believe that unboxing experience matters in e-commerce retailers, then you’re mistaken. Across the world, ¾ consumers are attracted through packaging. It’s the right time to hit the nail on the consumer’s head.

  • Impact of Unboxing Videos

It enables you to build a community of your brand. When people see the video, many will fall in love with your packaging. So, who doesn’t want to take the popularity of an unboxing video?

  • Take benefit of package design

Just wonder what you add in the box to make it a good experience for the consumer to share the unboxing video. A buyer expects a branding experience. It would help if you met their expectations.

If you are selling products through retailers, you want consumers to touch and interact with packaging. Your packaging needs to compel consumers to take the box off the shelf, pay it, and take home. These three simple steps are only possible if the first impression is adequately impactful.

A Simple Process of Customer Retail Packaging Design

After we have understood all the aspects of retail packaging, now we have to see how we can execute our custom package?

There are six easy steps; rather, a lot of brainstorming is needed to shape a perfect box. Below are steps mentioned:

  1. Get the perfect dimension.
  2. Determine what you want to show outside the box.
  3. Determine what you want in the inner side of the box.
  4. Design an eye-catchy box for the custom package.
  5. Develop a 3-D prototype to see the actual appearance of your design.
  6. Give the order of retail packaging.

Author Bio:

Juan Brown is a Marketing Manager at a retail packaging design agency. He’s energetic about designing original boxes for the marketing of their product. In their spare time, Brown writes about the significance of custom boxes to educate big and small corporates.

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