4 Stupidly Simple Tips To Help Even Experienced Hunters

4 Stupidly Simple Tips To Help Even Experienced Hunters

Hunting allows you to get in touch with nature and teaches you a valuable survival skill. Of course, you also want to succeed and when you go out for the day and bring home a prize. Even experienced hunters have bad days at times and can benefit from a reminder of the basics. Some simple tips can help you succeed. Here are four stupidly simple tips to help hunters from novice to expert succeed on their hunting trip.

Do Your Research

First and foremost, you want to learn everything you can about your particular hunting trip. Research what time of year and time of day to go out for the best chance at finding the type of prey you’re looking for. You also want to research locations in your area that have plenty of game and not too many other hunters. 

Finally, research what you need in order to go hunting. In addition to your gun, ammo, and hunting license, you’ll need the basics like water, some food, and a first aid kit, but you’ll want to remember to be prepared for every eventuality. If the area you’re hunting in is snowy or has a chance of rain, take rain gear and plenty of layers with you. If you’re going in the early morning or in the evening, take a headlamp. You’ll also need gloves, a good knife, and plastic bags strong enough to carry your prey for field dressing the animal.

Buy a Good Rifle

The gun you use when you go out makes a big difference. Look at different hunting rifles to learn which gun you like the best for your type of prey. You need to feel comfortable with the gun you use. Also, different guns are better for different types of hunting. Talk to a sales associate to learn which guns work best for hunting deer compared to birds or other prey.

Be Quiet

Many prey animals have natural instincts to run away when they hear another animal (or human). They know that hunters are after them, and they make a point to escape before anything bad happens. This means you need to be as quiet as possible. Even a small step can be enough to scare off your prey. Stay in one place and eliminate noise by not talking or moving around too much.

Attract Your Prey

You can wait around all day and not have your target come to you. You need to do something to attract the animal. There are a number of ways to do this. If you are hunting deer, you may put out deer urine. The deer may think a potential mate is in the area. If you are hunting ducks, you can use a duck call. Once again, the duck may think the noise is from a potential mate.

If you want to go hunting to catch a great dinner, you need to learn how to be as effective as possible. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can help you succeed. Using these simple tips can help ensure you come home with a catch, whether you are experienced or not.

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