4 Unique Accent Wall Ideas For A Modern Home

4 Unique Accent Wall Ideas For A Modern Home

Homeowners are using a popular decorating technique that creates an accent wall in one or more rooms. Although most rooms have all the walls painted the same color, this style incorporates a distinctive wall different from the others in color and design. There are several ways to create a vibrant accent wall, including the following.

Coordinating Colors

Paint one wall of the room a shade lighter or darker than the other walls. You can also choose a complementary color from the same area of the color palette. For example, if the other walls are blue, consider painting the fourth wall a shade of green that goes well with the other color. Blue and gray, red and black, or orange and yellow are some possibilities to consider, depending on the rest of your home’s color scheme.


You might enjoy a wall with a geometric pattern for a contemporary look. Other patterns of various sizes and shapes could become the accent wall in one of the rooms. Stripes, circles, or figures of any type can be represented by a color that complements the wall shade, which in turn goes with the other wall color. A painting contractor can explain the different options for pattern choices and probably show you some samples to give you an idea. You might be able to design your own pattern for a unique accent wall.


A hand-painted or technology-designed mural can depict a gorgeous artistic effect on your accent wall. You may want to imprint a classic painting design or a benevolent pastoral scene. On top of a distinctively-painted wall, you can have a favorite poem, elegy, or song lyrics printed, or a photo of a loved one. Whatever your artistic design preferences, the fourth wall of a special room can be arranged to your preference.


A truly creative feel can be achieved by designing a multi-dimensional wall that makes it appear as if you could walk right into the scene depicted. From space exploration to the jungle wilds or a tropical beach, your fourth wall design can foster imaginative relaxation by creating a virtual escape space through a well-designed wall image that appears to extend the room’s parameters. You can achieve this type of effect in any room of the house to expand your home’s borders and enjoy exotic views on a daily basis.

Adding an accent wall to one or more of your rooms can be fun and innovative. Do it yourself or work with a painting pro to achieve the desired effect.

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