At What Point Should You Call A Lawyer After An Accident?

At What Point Should You Call A Lawyer After An Accident?

Road accidents are common, with many of us experiencing at least one in our lives. Some collisions are relatively minor while others can destroy the vehicle and possibly claim human lives. Although small-scale accidents, sometimes called fender benders, may seem like they can be ignored or handled privately, it may be wise to contact an attorney for advice. Here are some possible indicators to consider.

Vehicle Damage

No matter how slight, scratches, dents, and other types of car damage should be evaluated to determine its extent and possible subsequent impact. For example, if a headlight is broken, and the other driver agrees to pay for it out of pocket, that may seem fine. But if you go to put in a new headlamp and discover socket damage or a related issue, you will have to bear the added cost. You may want to consult a car accident attorney to see if you or the other driver should pay to have your vehicle evaluated before accepting a private settlement or filing an insurance claim.

Personal Injury

Depending on the type of accident, you may feel fine afterward. But if whiplash occurred or you bumped your head on the visor, steering wheel, or window, physical problems may appear several hours or days later. Ask an accident attorney whether you should be medically evaluated now, and if so, who should pay for those costs. Your doctor may want to run several tests, such as a CT scan or MRI, which can be expensive. Ask the attorney about who should pay for medical costs now and related expenses that may surface later.

Lost Wages

If you end up missing work due to not feeling well because of the accident or having medical tests along with having your vehicle evaluated, the person responsible for the accident may be required to cover the cost of missed income. Subsequent medical treatment and physical therapy may also cause you to miss work. Find out from the attorney whether the other party is responsible, and if so, how to collect payment.

Related Costs

A vehicle collision sometimes causes damage to a person’s property by damaging a mailbox, a fence, or shrubs near the road, for example. An accident attorney will be able to help you sort out who must pay for which damages.

In short, call a lawyer shortly after your accident as soon as you are safe and any injuries have been medically treated. The attorney can explain your rights and responsibilities as well as any compensation you may be entitled to.

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