5 Tips To Seriously Update Your Home Theater With New Tech

5 Tips To Seriously Update Your Home Theater With New Tech

In your home you want to be able to relax, enjoy entertainment, and spend time with your family. Something that can help you accomplish all these things is an upgraded home entertainment system. You may want to go beyond simply hooking Netflix and a DVD player up to your old TV. Instead, can create something truly spectacular. With that in mind, below are five ways to upgrade your home theater with new tech.

Go 4K With HDR

If you think your old 1080p flat-screen HDTV is sufficient for a truly impressive home theater experience, you are sorely mistaken. 4k is now where it’s at. Beyond the improved image resolution, you can also experience the wonders of HDR, high dynamic range, which improves color depth. Thankfully, the cost of 4K televisions has come down significantly recently.

Upgrade Your Receiver

One important component of any home theater system is the receiver. It is the device that transfers the audio and video information from your entertainment to your television and speaker system. If your receiver is an older model or you don’t have one at all, certainly consider buying one of the newer receivers on the market. Receivers implement wireless smart technology and can recreate sound and video in the best quality possible.

Get New Speakers

No home theater system is complete without a superior audio setup. To create the best home theater possible, you need the best speakers. Newer models for speakers are the most advanced yet in regards to using lossless audio quality to create an immersive soundscape in your living room. They also don’t require all those wires that older speakers needed either.

Integrate Smart Technology

One of the newest developments regarding home theater technology has been the integration of smart technology. This means your home theater system can be integrated into your smart home. You’ll be able to control the system through the use of your smartphone, tablet, or other device. Some systems can even be voice activated.

Go 3D

Lastly, if you really want to impress your family and friends, consider going for a 4K TV that supports 3D viewing. Many new movies are still released in 3D. You should also consider the fact that 3D technology has greatly improved for home theaters in recent years with the use of technology that can replicate “passive 3D” that matches the quality of the 3D experience seen in movie theaters.

A home theater system can be greatly rewarding for your family. It can become the centerpiece of your home. With the newest technology, you can bring the latest films into your home in breathtaking video and audio quality that rivals anything you can see in a movie theater.

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