4 Side Jobs For Police Officers Needing Extra Money

As a police officer, you know what it’s like to make big sacrifices every day. In many cases, though, the financial reward for making those sacrifices leaves much to be desired. If you’re a police officer who is having trouble making ends meet, the good news is that there are side jobs available that can help you supplement your income. For help getting started, here is a list of four side jobs for police officers needing extra money.


If you enjoy the nightlife, then a side job as a bouncer may be something you’d enjoy. A bouncer controls entrance to clubs, especially those that are popular. In addition, bouncers are often called upon to remove patrons in a club who have become disruptive. Since this job involves working with people on a regular basis, it’s quite similar to your current responsibilities.

Security Guard

As the world continues to face new and unexpected threats, the demand for security guards continues to rise. Security guards are responsible for protecting people, property, and possessions, and doing so in a manner that protects the reputation of the company or individual being protected. Due to the variable nature of security jobs in the area, you can find positions with flexible schedules that will meet your needs.

Security Planner

As someone who understands the risks that are present in all types of situations, a job as a security planner is a natural fit. Security planners assist companies that host special events to ensure that the safety and security plan is adequate to keep attendees safe. For local events, you may even be able to use your connections with the police department to ensure everything at the event goes off without a hitch.

Lawn Care

While lawn care and law enforcement may not be the most obvious match, this side job can help you gain some of the things you may miss out on while you’re working as a police officer. For example, if you’re not able to get outside much while you’re on patrol, a job in lawn care allows you to get that outside time in abundance. Plus, the exercise and strength training that is inherent in lawn care will help better prepare you to excel as a law enforcement officer.

As important as it is to have money to provide for your needs, it’s also important to make time for adequate rest. If you aren’t getting enough rest, your job as a police officer and any side jobs you take on will suffer. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your schedule so you can be sure to take care of yourself even as you’re working hard to earn extra money.

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