How Often Should You Run A Car In Storage

How Often Should You Run A Car In Storage?

Storing a vehicle is often necessary so that you can travel or hold on to it until you are ready to bring it out again. Whether you have a classic car that needs extra protection or a seasonal work vehicle, knowing how to store your car properly helps you to take care of your essential mode of transportation. One of the most frequently asked questions from car owners is regarding how often a vehicle should be started up when it is in storage. As a general rule, you should start a car up every two weeks, but it may not need this if you plan to store it for a long period of time.

Determine How Long You Plan to Store the Car

The way that you prepare a car for storage depends upon how long you expect to have it out of operation. Cars that are only going to be stored for around six months should be started up every couple of weeks. This is because you can leave the battery in the car during that time. Starting up your car periodically helps to keep it charged, and running the engine helps to keep moisture out of critical parts. For longer storage, you may want to disconnect the battery and flush the fuel tanks and other components. In this case, you would only need to start up the car once you prep it for full operation again.

Protect the Car from the Weather

Your car’s battery is essentially its power. Car batteries are susceptible to changes in the weather that create temperature fluctuations. When you plan for car storage, make sure to choose a place that allows for maximum protection from the weather. A covered or enclosed storage area that keeps snow and freezing temperatures away from your car is best for making sure that it starts up during regular visits.

Consider Additional Methods of Protection

The prep that you put into storing your vehicle makes a huge difference in the outcome. If you plan to store the car indefinitely, then it is best to make sure that the fluids are drained as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. You can also add a car cover for further protection from the elements if you choose outdoor storage.

Choosing a secure storage facility gives you peace of mind that your car will make it though the time that you have it out of operation. While you might not be driving your car, you may need to make sure that you or someone else starts it up according to the right time schedule for your situation. Whether you start it up every two weeks or more often, make sure to let it run long enough to get it up to the normal temperature and give the engine a few revs before you shut it down again.

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