Better Days Are Coming and Here's How You Should Plan Your Traveling To Celebrate That

Better Days Are Coming and Here’s How You Should Plan Your Traveling To Celebrate That

One thing this COVID-19 has given us all is the vision to see the beauty in life. We now know, how for granted, we have taken a lot of things in life that feel like a luxury to us these days. With this newfound realization of outdoors, people have started planning their vacations ahead. Many popular travel blogs 2020 have begun encouraging their audiences to revive their spirit of traveling. And it is not a bad thing to pursue at all. This is a way that provides hope to many that better days are coming and that you should plan to utilize all that freedom wisely. With this being said and apparent, we’re about to give you six destinations across Asia that you should travel after the scare of virus sheds away.

Maldives and Waves

Maldives have always been on the spot for honeymooners. Undoubtedly people have seen a romantic sight of this city and have made it a hub for newlyweds to come, stay, and enjoy. But there is more to the Maldives than being a haven for honeymoon couples only. The sporty side of Maldives is something you have to explore. These waves are made for surfing. Malidives’ waves are also responsible for countless rare sea life encounters like hammerhead sharks, big old manta ray, whale shark, and eagle rays. You can find more than many diving centers across the land to seek help from professional instructors. So, if you know a little about surfing and diving, there is nothing to be worried about. They’ve got you covered.

Mongolia and Horse Riding

Mongolian horse riding is famous for keeping the legacy of Genghis Khan. The lush green ground and deserted landscapes will provide a wide area for you to ride across the city. If you’re a history-loving traveler than Mongolia is the best place to visit and feel the vibes of the late 12th century and how they use to ride their town.

Bhutan and Trekking

Bhutan is the only country that is free from pollution 100%. The people of Bhutan have encouraged a pollution-free atmosphere around them by promoting the plantation of more and more trees. Bhutan is known for its spiritualism. And for the beauty of nature that it exhibits.  You can enjoy the view of their glacial mountains, lush green tropical forests, and snow-covered rivers. The big, small valleys of Bhutan are the epitome of simple living, and it’s not wrong to say that you can find yourself by losing your worldly obsessions over there.

Paro Taktsang, a Valley is famously known as the tiger’s nest is also a must place to visit in Bhutan. You should also cover all the cliffside temple across the small country while sight-seeing.

Find Yourself in Bali

Bali is another place known as honeymooner’s paradise. The lush island is all gloomy in the night and creates a perfect ambiance for the newly-wedded couples. However, like the Maldives, Bali has much more to offer. The place also serves as a home for yoga and yogis, mainly because of the natural and spiritual landscape, you’ll feel rejuvenated by all the relaxing and calming yoga sessions around the Ubud. A place known for Yoga classes and ancient old times temples. If the purpose of your traveling is solely to find the peace within yourself, Bali is the place you should come then. There is nothing like the fresh and comforting vibes of this city. You will feel the magic of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ all around you. Go on the book that ticket and relive the moments of your life like Julia Roberts did.

Bagan, Myanmar (Old Burma)

Sure, the country was buried in an uncertain and dark time. But now that the black clouds have started to go away, the place is all ready to welcome the sunshine in all means. You can visit the country and enjoy a full view of their beautiful ancient temples by riding on the hot air balloon. Tourism is new here and which is why the perks of being a kind of early bird in this situation will be there. Since the situation has now colled off almost entirely. You’re safe to go and explore.

Thailand and Its Beaches

Thailand is best known for its beaches and beach life. Whether if it’s the modern Phuket or the old school Koh Samui. The joy of swimming through the water of Thailand, bright, blue, and clean is one of its kind. A lot of movies have been shot up here, due to its iconic castaway feel that it provides to its visitors. The water is surrounded by prominent sandstone at the corners, and you can see the long-tail boats indicating the olden times’ pirates swimming on the clear waters.

This list of must-visit destinations can go as long as you want. But give your self a challenge to mark every goal on this list first. And then move on to explore something else.

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