How To Make Your Brand Stand Out At SEMA 2020

How To Make Your Brand Stand Out At SEMA 2020

SEMA is among the largest conventions in Las Vegas. Attendees who fail to stand out during the event can expect to be quite literally lost in the crowd. From finding the best freebies and giveaway items to choosing a more eye-catching format for your business cards, there are plenty of ways to ensure that your brand is able to stand out and get noticed.

Freebies, Swag and Promo Items

Free promotional items are often a far more effective promotional tools than many business owners might realize. Quality items may be kept and used for months or even weeks after the event. Investing in quality items or finding a more unique, clever or desirable range of freebies and swag helps to ensure that recipients are more likely to remember your business in a positive light.

Consistent Branding

Disorganized, conflicting or inconsistent branding efforts can dilute your message and make it all but impossible to make a lasting impression on your clientele. Ensuring that your logo, slogan or mission statement remain constant across all promotional formats is not a matter to be taken lightly. Color scheme, visual design and the overall look and feel of your exhibit booth, promo items and other marketing materials should be as consistent as possible.

Be Unique

A boring booth or unremarkable exhibit design are also promotional liabilities that could end up costing you a great deal. Crafting a more distinctive exhibit or being more creative with your presentation can make a world of difference. Don’t be afraid to entice the crowd with a little mystery or to subvert their expectations in ways that are playful, clever and ultimately more memorable.

Updating Your Business Card

Simply capturing the attention of other event attendees is not always enough. Even a good first impression may be quickly forgotten due to the sheer size and sensory overload of the event. The right business card layout or design can serve as a reminder, one that will immediately bring your other branding and promotional efforts to mind.

Conferences and expos can provide many opportunities for you to promote your brand and market your business. Making a splash at SEMA 2020 can go a long way towards ensuring that your other advertising and promotional efforts will be met with greater success. Getting lost in the crowd or failing to make a lasting impression on your clientele could prove to be a serious and costly setback.

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