How To Choose The Best Personal Defense Gun In 2020

How To Choose The Best Personal Defense Gun In 2020

Being able to defend yourself is something that many gun enthusiasts consider a basic concept that comes with responsible ownership and use of firearms. A gun can be an efficient method of personal defense or a deterrent that might get a person out of a terrifying situation without needing to resort to any kind of violence. With so many choices out there, a few tips on how to choose the best gun for personal defense in 2020 may come in handy for new enthusiasts and experts looking to update their current models.

Determine the Type

Almost any kind of firearm can have some self-defense applications. A good starting point is to determine what kind of weapon you feel comfortable using. Enthusiasts can have their choice of shotguns, rifles, or 9mm handguns that they can carry about their person when necessary. Longer firearms aren’t as portable, but they can be viable options for personal defense in the home. As a very general rule of thumb, handguns are good for personal carry and concealment, shotguns are versatile, and rifles are a decent option when you need something with greater range.

Consider the Maintenance

All firearms require routine maintenance, and it is a good idea to give a gun at least a cursory cleaning with some pads after each use if possible. A cleaning job can be particularly important if you plan to store your firearm for a longer period. Different guns have various components that you can field strip and clean in different ways. Maintaining your gun with care will help to ensure that it can fire accurately every time. Choose a firearm that you feel comfortable with and think you can clean easily.

Check the Fit

Clothing that doesn’t fit can feel uncomfortable, and the same principle applies to firearms. If an enthusiast doesn’t like the fit of a particular gun, it could be unwieldy or harder to handle in the field when it really matters. Larger firearms also have greater recoil. It is a good idea to look at the length of the barrel and the size of the grip to get some indication of how it will feel in your hand. You want to feel comfortable and efficient when you carry or pull your firearm.

Find the Proper Accessories

Choosing the right features for your personal defense gun can be just as important as having the right firearm. If you plan to carry a handgun like the 9mm for defense, sights are one of the things you should consider. In many cases, it is best to go with the night sights that can attach to your firearm. Most encounters where you will have need of personal defense happen in dim or dark conditions where assailants want to have an advantage.

When you take your personal defense and safety seriously, there are several things to look at in terms of guns that can offer some security. Some of the tips above can help you narrow your search and find the products that work for you.

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