4 New Wedding Trends to Consider for Winter Receptions

While a winter wedding usually means an outdoor venue is out of the question, there are ways you can make your day just as memorable as a summer wedding. If you are the kind of person who wants to do something new or fashionable, then you can incorporate a hip idea into your day. Here are four trending winter wedding options to consider.

Terrarium centerpieces

When gloomy days and chilly temperatures make it hard to say your vows outside, bringing the outdoors inside can help. Terrariums are easy to adapt to any budget, size, and color. You can choose a traditional shape and outfit it with custom flowers and plants. Tailoring these centerpieces to your wedding theme is a fun way to spend time with the bridal party or close family members who want to help. Brides says this decor is an excellent idea for people who are not keen on lots of flowers.

Wedding buses

Does your special day include drinking alcohol? Instead of worrying about leaving someone out, you can choose a wedding bus hire. Guests can drink on the way to the venue, and you know everyone arrives and leaves safely. If your location is out of the way, then using a shuttle service will help get large groups to the venue. Plus, there are no worries about people getting lost.

Smoke bomb exits

Couples can announce themselves to the world with a colorful flourish using smoke bombs. Martha Stewart offers some good advice when using these items. Having one person in charge of setting off the smoke bomb is important to ensure the couple can enjoy their moment. The venue may not allow these items, so it is important to check before making final arrangements. Another thing to think about is the over spray. You do not want to ruin your wedding day attire because it was windy. These items put off sparks, so keeping a big enough distance between the couple and the smoke bomb is crucial.

Balloon walls

Whether you want to cover up a boring paint job, or you need something to add more color to your theme, balloon walls are excellent choices. You can use these walls to create centerpieces, backdrops for photos, or an arch the couple can use when exiting the reception. These walls are easily customizable and fun to use.

Your winter wedding can be bright and fun with these four options. Giving one person the job of monitoring cleanup will ensure the couple can enjoy the day and not worry. Other fun ideas include using ribbon centerpieces, live DJ’s, and buffet receptions.

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