Top Tips for Amazing Wedding and Engagement Pictures

The best wedding photographs will capture the magic of that special day, serving as a reminder of the love a couple has for years to come. Though the photographer is largely responsible for the quality of the photos, couples have a say in the matter as well. The perfect wedding photos don’t happen by accident. If you’re hoping for a picture-perfect wedding shoot, consider the following wedding photography tips.

Use the Same Photographer

Using the same person for all wedding-related photography is an excellent tip for couples hoping to get the perfect shot. Working with the same photographer during the engagement shoot and wedding day photos will allow for consistency throughout all wedding photos. In addition to creating the same sense of style, couples can save money this way as many local wedding photographers offer discounts for clients that bundle both services.

Using the same photographer for both wedding and engagement pictures can also allow you to get to know the photographer and spend time working with them before the actual wedding. The engagement pictures, while important, can in these cases serve as practice runs where you and your photographer come to understand one another’s expectations better before the big day. Getting to know them ahead of time like this can also help you feel less awkward during wedding pictures, allowing you to better enjoy the event.

Shoot with a Scenic Backdrop

When preparing for a wedding day shoot, couples get to call the shots by picking their ideal location. Though a photographer can make any location work, for these shoots, it’s better for couples to pick areas that offer a scenic background. Consider local hotspots like parks, beaches, gardens, and any other outdoor areas that encourage photographers to tap into their creativity and capture the love between both partners.

There are benefits to shooting indoors as well, depending on your schedule and the time of year. As long as you pay for a quality photographer with great indoor sets, you can have beautiful pictures of you and your SO in a variety of romantic settings without having to worry about waiting for the perfect lighting, the perfect weather, or unexpected problems that insects can bring.

Schedule an Early Morning or Evening Shoot

In addition to picking the right location, couples should be sure to choose the right time when scheduling their engagement and wedding shoots. Many couples choose to take advantage of the “magic hour” or “golden hour”. This time of day takes advantage of the lighting right after sunrise or shortly before sunset, filling any photo with the golden luminescence of the first or last light of the day. Expert photographers are able to maximize the beauty of this time of day and take gorgeous photos that commemorate these special memories.

Of course, this is less of a concern for those who are getting their pictures done on indoor sets, but staged pictures aren’t always an option, especially for wedding pictures rather than engagement pictures. In order to get the best natural lighting for your big day, consider scheduling your wedding or reception for the “golden hour.” Even if your wedding or reception is happening mostly indoors, scheduling the event like this can make it easy to pop outside for a quick natural shot with a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Pick a Consistent Theme

Another tip to make any photoshoot more aesthetically pleasing is to use a consistent theme throughout the shoot. Couples should choose a theme that complements their styles and personalities to truly make their photos a representation of themselves. Popular themes for wedding-related photographs include glamor, vintage, beachy, rustic, modern, or eclectic. Couples should coordinate the decorations, outfits, and the backdrop to make sure they take truly stunning photos.

Make sure your wedding day and engagement photos are impeccably shot. Keep these tips in mind when scheduling a photographer for your wedding needs.

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