Innovation in Novelty Gifts for Gun Lovers

We all have that one friend who is into guns and all the gadgets that come into the fold of arms and ammunition. That one friend is very defensive and likes everything that he owns to reflect his/her passion for weapons, from keychains to wallpaper inside room. We have surveyed and shortlisted some of the best novelty gifts for gun lovers.


  • Burnt Thin Blue Line Wooden Hidden Gun Cabinet with American Flag

This inconspicuous gun safe is made out of pinewood and has a burnt look which is quite creative. The entire front panel folds down to reveal enough space to store two rifles.


  • Colt Pistols Wall Prints

These are the unique and artistic gun patents filed by the legendary Colt himself in 1839 and 1911. These are perfect for framing and putting in a study, bedroom, bathroom, or living room. This gift is not ordinary as it has a renowned history and meaning to it, that person is not a true gun lover who doesn’t recognize Colt and his efforts to ammunition at the same time.


  • The Ultimate “Shooter’s Bible”

This shooter’s bible is not some ordinary book with a fictional story, but an extensive guide to firearms assembly, disassembly and cleaning which encapsulates every renowned gun that was ever created. This will be perfect for your friend who is a gun lover and wants to increase his general knowledge of weapons.


  • Scope Camera

If your friend is a gun lover and creative at the same time, he/she is going to go gaga over this scope camera. From which different kinds of creative videos can be made whilst shooting including slow-motion effects and first-person view targeted shooting. This camera records incredibly clear POV shots. This is perhaps the best novelty gifts for gun lovers in my opinion.  


  • Metal Gong Target

This is manufactured in Michigan, there is nothing more satisfying to a shooter than the bang of when the bullet hits a metal target. These steel gong targets come in different builds to withstand a variety of rounds from 9mm to 338. Makes a highly satisfying ring to signify a hit and are built to deflect or disintegrate incoming rounds for minimal damage. A perfect gift for a gun lover to use in the backyard.


  • Shot Timer

If your friend is into a competitive shoot and likes improvising then there could not be a better gift than a shot timer, it helps increase the reaction time, emits random or set starting noise and tracks the time between the buzzer and the shot. Compact, lightweight, and highly efficient.


  • Personalized Name Alphabet

This is a wall mount that reflects how defensive you are with your name’s Alphabets being portrayed by a gun. It is perfect wall decoration for a gun lover which uses a variety of gun-themed images to spell out any word/name of your choosing and obviously enough, this is also made in the country of Uncle Sam.


  • The Ultimate Cleaning Kit


An all-in-one cleaning solution for rifles, pistols, and shotguns is a dream come true for any individual who claims to be a true gun lover. It is compact, portable and efficient. What more can a gun lover ask for?


  • Grenade Ice Mold

Yes, you saw that right, it’s a grenade ice mold, just imagine the look on the faces of guests when your gun lover friend serves whiskey in which floats the ultimate equipment of destruction.


  • Clay Target Launcher

It has a very lightweight which makes it portable and enables to shoot a target at an elevation of up to 30 degrees. It has a pedal switch with a 25-foot cord so the gun lover in your life can use it solo. It is also very durable. It is an innovative gift for your gun lover friend.


  • Black Rife Coffee

If your friend like to start the morning with a bang and is also a gun lover, the 32 pack of Black Rifle Coffee K-cups is perfect for any gun lover who also enjoys a prime roasted brew with a kick. This coffee is made by a veteran-owned company and can cause excessive chest hair growth and manliness.


  • Handgun Safe

It has several mounting options and is accessed via a keypad, how cool is that? Once the correct code is entered, drawer drops down for quick access. Made out of 12-gauge steel with padded foam interior, and It is a must-have for every gun lover out there.


  • Custom Gift Box

This great gift box comes with a flask, lighter and the ultimate caliber of destruction .50 Cal replica bottle opener in matte black. Each of these items can be custom monogrammed, which makes it a perfect personalized gift for any gun enthusiast.


Authors Bio

Joey Fernando is a weapon enthusiast who likes looking for innovative gadgets and gifts related to weapons. In his home he has got everything that represents some form of destruction, with 9mm posters, first pistol ever invented and even the coaster he keeps is a replica of 12 Gauge Shot Gun Shell. Every now and then he surveys the markets looking for novelty gifts for gun lovers and give reviews about them on different platforms.

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