Best Music Videos of 2019 You Should Not Miss!

There is a boom of music videos in the industry right now. The artists are putting their heart and soul channelling their creative energy into creating visual delight for us.

You cannot just put a finger on one music video of the year that was the best because there have been tons. All these videos came out in the news as empowering, lewd, controversial, silly, and surprising.

“Sucker” by Jonas Brothers

Directed by Anthony Mandler, the “Sucker” has crossed all boundaries of grandeur and glory. Jonas Brothers surprised their fans and reunited after almost a decade.

For their long-awaited comeback single, Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas did the most glamorous music videos of the year: “Sucker” which has all of the lavish sets, drama, flamboyant costumes. The “J-Brothers” has also starred their beautiful wives, popularly called the “J-Sisters” naming Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner, and Danielle Jonas. 

 “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande

The popular song directed by Hannah Lux Davis “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande was a total boom of the year. Grande went total glam and glitz for her No. 1 hit, “7 Rings”.  The song has everything from diamonds to diamond dresses to seven-inch heels, the very popular Grande ponytail that goes for miles rising the temperature in your rooms. The song is all about dancing, champagne towers, and video games which will make you get up from your seats for sure.

“Bury a Friend” by Billie Eilish

Directed by Michael Chaves, the most beautifully unconventional pop music video by Billie Eilish was a great hit. “Bury a Friend” is a definite spine-chilling video where Eilish stars as a monster under someone’s bed and creates the most horrific environment that gives life to her spooky song. As the star haunts her sleeping friend, darkness clouds her eyes, hypodermic needles pierce her back and lights flicker across her face. 

 “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X feat Billy Ray Cyrus

Directed by Calmatic, the video “Old Town Road” gives you a full cinematic experience taking you to another world. The song has everything from the extended run time to the interludes to advance the video. There are cameos in the video that include Rico Nasty, Chris Rock and Diplo. This proved to be the biggest song of the year so far. 

 “EARTHQUAKE” by Tyler, The Creator

Directed by Wolf Haley and Luis “Panch” Perez, “EARTHQUAKE” has turned up to be an amazingly unconventional number of the year. Tyler, The Creator has walked past the routine and has worn a blonde wig and teal suit for the video. He plays the guest on the fictional Pearl Edwards Show, and he gives a commanding but idiosyncratic performance, leaving the stage literally ablaze.

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